The Shadow Thief

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"Taniks has no House. He kneels before no banner, owes allegiance to no Kell. He is a murderer, and very good at what he does. I have been tracking him since Wolves broke their chains, yes? Now Taniks works for Wolf pack ...but not for long."
Variks, The Loyal


The Undying Mind


Fallen S.A.B.E.R.

The Shadow Thief
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Destiny: House of Wolves


1 - 3


Ocean of Storms, Moon

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The Shadow Thief is a Level 20 Strike added by House of Wolves that takes place in the Ocean of Storms. Variks has tasked Guardians with stopping the infamous Fallen mercenary, Taniks, the Scarred, before he can loot the Hellmouth and share its secrets with the House of Wolves.[1]

As part of the Age of Triumph, a variant of the strike was released. The Devil Splicers, seeking the support of Taniks' Crew, use SIVA to enhance them and revive their leader as Taniks Perfected. Variks once again alerts the Vanguard, who dispatches a strike team to end the mercenary.


  • Fight to the Wolves' Ketch
  • Hunt Taniks, the Scarred
  • Destroy the Walker
  • Kill Taniks, the Scarred


All dialogue is spoken through the Ghost's comms.

{Loading Screen}

  • VARIKS THE LOYAL: (growls) Taniks has no House. He kneels before no banner, owes allegiance to no Kell. He is a murderer, and very good at what he does. I have been tracking him since Wolves broke their chains, yes? Now Taniks works for Wolf Pack...but not for long.


The trio of Guardians arrive at the Temple of Crota. Two Shriekers guard the entrance.

  • VARIKS: Taniks has been sent to plunder the Hive. Your job, just as simple: Avenge the dead. Stop him from stealing the Dark.

The Guardians continue onward inside the Temple, killing Hive along the way.

  • VARIKS: Taniks sees you not as an enemy—you are a trophy to collect.


  • VARIKS: Watch yourself. Taniks is no common mercenary. He fights to fulfill a contract and hone his combat skill for... fun.


  • VARIKS: Be cautious as you confront him. He will to try trick you. Fight. Win.


  • VARIKS: I remember Taniks from the Reef Wars. Many Awoken dead. Clever, clever creature.

The Guardians make their way to the bottom of the Temple, where an enormous battle rages all around the Hive Seeder. Fallen Captains, Dregs and Stealth Vandals clash against Hive Wizards, Thrall and Ogres. The Guardians either ignore the fight and continue down the darkened halls of the chamber, or eliminate the enemy. They eventually come across a small room with a blue-tinted gravity lift.

  • VARIKS: Lift field distortion! Ketch just above you.

Several Dregs armed with Shrapnel Launchers come down from the lift and engage the Guardians. Several Vandals and Stealth Vandals also arrive, and the Guardians kill them all. Soon, Taniks himself appears, armed with a Scorch Cannon. The Guardians fight the mercenary until he retreats back into his ship. He utters a taunt in the Fallen language.

  • VARIKS: Taniks has called you out, Guardian. You are challenged in the ways of old.

The three Guardians enter the lift, taking them inside the Traitor's Ketch. Taniks' laughing roar echoes around the walls of the ship.

  • VARIKS: Taniks is jamming our comms. Fight well, Guardian. Fight for honor. (voice fades)

The Guardians reach a large room with several doors. Dozens of Fallen enter from all sides, and with a loud and angry roar, Taniks once again challenges the Guardians where they stand. Splitting their duties, the trio manage to ward off the enemies and simultaneously deal damage against Taniks. He eventually is injured and teleports from the room. A door on the far side of the room opens, and the Guardians continue into what appears to be a hangar.

Several Vandals await, and the Guardians eliminate most of them. Taniks laughs over the speaker system of the Ketch, and suddenly a Wolf Walker drops in from the ceiling. Again, dozens of Fallen Vandals, Stealth Vandals, Captains and Exploder Shanks pour in from several entrances and fire upon the Guardians. With tremendous effort, they destroy the Walker and wipe out the enemies harassing the Fireteam. Another door opens, and a few Dregs and Shanks approach. The Guardians kill them easily and continue. As they walk down the hallway, Taniks teleports scant feet away from them, taking the team by surprise. In the narrow hallway, his Scorch Cannon becomes much more difficult to avoid. The Guardians beat him back to a large room, where the final battle begins. Taniks issues orders and taunts in Fallen dialect as the Guardians surround him. He is eventually killed, as Dregs and Vandals rush forward and attack the Guardians.

  • VARIKS: Notorious mercenary dead. No small matter. You will be rewarded treasure from the Queen. And my respect, as well.

{Mission Ends}





Enemies (Rise of Iron)[edit]

Devil Splicers[edit]




  • There is a bug in the original variant of the Shadow Thief strike where the objective says to Hunt Taniks Perfected, even though in the original variant you face Taniks, the Scarred.
  • Rarely, a House of Wolves Captain is seen in the revisited version, despite it being a Devil Splicers strike.