Memory of Toland, The Shattered

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"Toland, the mad. Toland, the cursed. The exiled. And finally, the Shattered. He knew more about the Hive and the 'song' of their Deathsingers than any other. Had Eriana-3 questioned his convenient obsession further before recruiting him to our fireteam, things might have been different. But fate is fate. That he could not control."
— Eris [1]

The Memory of Toland, the Shattered is a quest introduced in Shadowkeep following the completion of its main storyline. It is part of the Luna's Calling questline involving Eris Morn and the memories of her fireteam haunting her as Nightmares.


"Tell me, guardian: Do you trust me? Do you believe I am an ally of the Light or a servant of the Darkness? What if I told you I was neither?"
— Toland, the Shattered

In the first step the player must:

  • Kill a trove guardian and loot it’s chest.

In the second step the player must:

  • Kill enemies using a Hive Relic Sword to retrieve 35 journal pages.

Once completed the player must enter the Hive portal at the sanctuary to meeet up with Eris Morn. Once the cutscene between Eris and the nightmares is over. Hand over the journal so Eris can banish the nightmare.



The player walks through the portal to meet up with Eris who is standing at a table, while the nightmare of Toland watches over her.

  • Eris Morn: “Do not mock me. Toland is not the only one capable of understanding the enemy!”

The players hands over Toland’s journal

  • Eris Morn: “That… is one of Toland’s lost journals… I have never laid eyes upon it…”
  • Eris Morn: “He knew. He knew about this Pyramid. He must have. And said nothing.”

The nightmare of Toland is banished and disappears

  • Eris Morn: “Thank you for being here. For going where I couldn’t.”

Pressing the interaction button on Eris

  • Eris Morn: “I should not miss Toland. His ruthless pursuit of knowledge led to his downfall.”
  • Eris Morn: “He is not gone. His spirit lingers, buoyed by the Ascendant Plane.

Pressing the interaction button on Eris again


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