The Nexus

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This article is about the Strike. For the Vex machine, see Nexus.
The Nexus
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Destiny, Base Game


1 - 3



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"Far below the Ishtar Academy, the Vex have set something in motion, a world-eating machine transforming Venus into another link in their intergalactic chain. This Nexus must be stopped and the Mind that controls it, destroyed."
Ikora Rey

The Nexus is a Level 14 Strike on Venus. The fireteam's objective is to kill Sekrion, Nexus Mind to prevent the Vex from converting the planet into another node in their network.


  • Descend Into The Academy

Fight into the depths below the Ishtar Collective Academy to locate the Vex Nexus.

  • Stalk The Servitors

Hunt down and destroy the Fallen Command Servitors blocking the path to the Nexus.

  • Find The Nexus

Delve deeper underground to locate the Vex Nexus.

  • Kill Sekrion

Destroy Sekrion, the Mind that protects and controls the Vex Nexus.


Fallen - House of Winter
Vex - Hezen Protective and Hezen Corrective


Enemies (Rise of Iron)[edit]

Fallen - House of Winter
Vex - Hezen Corrective



During The Dawning update, the Nexus Strike was revamped with its Light level being increased and a Taken boss added.