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"Find the Collective's lost Archive, sealed for centuries, in a vault deep beneath the Ishtar Academy."
— In game description


Ishtar Collective (mission)


Scourge of Winter

The Archive
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The Archive is a story mission that takes place on Venus.[1]


  • Enter the Academy
  • Kill the Fallen
  • Open the Vault
  • Extract The Archive
  • Stop the Fallen
  • Repair the Conduit
  • Repair Backup Conduit
  • Eliminate Fallen
  • Complete the Extraction


{Loading Screen}

  • Cryptarch: The Ishtar Collective gathered some of the greatest minds of the Golden Age. Their Archive is a treasure of knowledge we cannot lose to the Fallen. Secure the Archive, and the Cryptarchs will be in your debt.


  • Ghost: The Archive is buried under the rubble of the Academy. It won't take the Fallen long to strip it like the rest of the planet. We'd better find it before they get inside.

The Guardian makes their way through the Ishtar Academy, eventually reaching the Hall of Whispers.

  • Ghost: (sarcastically) Great. The Fallen have already set up shop here. Let's hope they haven't gotten into the Archive.

The Guardian kills the Fallen invaders, including major Vandals and a high Servitor, Simiks-3. They reach a sealed door, covered with vines and branches. It appears to have been closed for an extremely long period of time.

  • Ghost: That's it—the Archive. Secrets of the Golden Age, untouched for centuries.

The Guardian releases Ghost to work on a nearby computer terminal.

  • Ghost: Radial-A encryption... They were serious about keeping people out. Not a problem.

The door panels start to slowly slide open with great struggle, metal groaning in protest.

  • Ghost: After you?

The Guardian makes their way down a spiraling staircase before entering the large, abandoned space. Some lights are activated, as if expecting their presence.

  • Ghost: Unbelievable... The Archive's power is still partially activated.

An automated voice speaks over the intercom.

  • Computer: Welcome, Dr. Shim. Please enter your security clearance code.
  • Ghost: Dr. Shim? ...Never mind that. Let's hit that terminal up ahead.

More lights turn on as the Archive fully powers itself. The Ghost examines the terminal.

  • Ghost: This place is amazing... It's bigger than the Archives in Old Accra!
  • Computer: Thank you, Dr. Shim. Shall I begin correlation of Vex Mind Core samples?
  • Ghost: So polite! Well, let's see what they've got.
  • Computer: (urgently) Dr. Shim, security breach detected—intruders! Initiate Protocol 19.
  • Ghost: Fallen! They've followed us in!

Several squads of Dregs, Vandals, and Shanks charge into the Archival Hall. The Guardian eliminates them. Suddenly, the lights go out and Ghost's transfer is interrupted.

  • Computer: Remote hub failure. Routing disrupted.
  • Ghost: They must have a Servitor feeding off the power!

Accompanying the Servitor is a squad of Stealth Vandals. The Guardian kills them and uses Ghost to repair the electrical conduit.

  • Ghost: They made a mess here, but I got this. (pauses) They're tapping in somewhere else!

Another Servitor and more Stealth Vandals appear on the other side of the area. The Guardian kills them and does the same with the Archive's backup conduit.

  • Ghost: I'll have it back together quick! There's still Fallen in here!

A battalion of Fallen enemies pours in from multiple sides, led by Grayliks, Winter Baron. The Guardian eventually kills them all. Lights come back on in the Archive as electricity returns.

  • Ghost: Let's get back to the Archive!

The computer terminal re-activates, and the Ghost extracts the remaining information.

  • Ghost: This Archive is amazing—pathways to other galaxies, mappings of a Vex underworld—a place they called... the Vault of Glass. Hopefully the Cryptarch can make sense of it. I'll let him know we found it.

{Mission Ends}





On entering The Archive proper, the computer greets The Guardian as Dr.Shim, a member of the Ishtar Collective who worked alongside Maya Sundaresh while studying The Vex.[2]



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