Baimogg, Unchained Wrath

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Baimogg, Unchained Wrath
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Biographical information


Taken Chimera



Combat information


Lake of Shadows (Revamp)


Void Eversion
Seeker Burst
Blight Shielding
Poisoned Floor
High Durability
Chimera Melee
Summon Taken


Baimogg, Unchained Wrath is a Taken Chimera that appears halfway through the Revamped version of the Lake of Shadows Strike. It summoned once the second Taken infestation has been cleared, supporting the Shadow Legion, but is swiftly defeated by the Fireteam.


Baimogg functions like all other Chimeras before it, except it acts very similar to the first Chimera encountered by guardians known as the Voice of Riven. It is capable of placing Taken Miasma down that poisons those who walk on it, unlike the Voice of Riven it can place this under the feet of any unsuspecting guardian who stays in one spot for too long while fighting it. Baimogg is capable of moving these pools around as they can appear in one spot, one minute, the next they are under your feet.



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