Seven Seraphs

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The logo of Seven Seraphs

Seven Seraphs is believed to be one of the factions of the Guardians of the City.


  • Seven Seraphs was one of five factions revealed during the pre-alpha phase of Destiny's development, alongside New Monarchy, Dead Orbit, Future War Cult, and Osiris. It has yet to appear in the game.
  • According to Rob Adams, Bungie's Lead World Artist for Destiny, Seven Seraphs was a program overseen by the Cosmodrome's "higher-ups", who determined where to construct Rasputin's bunker.[1] This implies Seven Seraphs may be related to the Warminds.
  • The number seven in the faction's name is a nod to Bungie's recurring use of the number 7.
  • Seraphs, also known as seraphim, are celestial beings, and variants of the angels in Jewish and Christian faiths. Seraphs are typically described as six winged beings who surround God's throne. Seraph literally means 'burning one' in Hebrew.
  • The plural of "Seraph" is "Seraphim", this may be where the Seraphim Vault got its name.