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Haunted Sectors are a three player Lost Sector matchmaking activity that was released with Festival of the Lost 2021. Haunted Sectors are a spin on Legendary Lost Sectors in which Guardians are tasked with aiding Glint in his investigation of the Headless Ones.


Taking on reprised Lost Sectors, the structure of Haunted Sectors are incredibly basic. As a fireteam, Guardians enter one of three Festival of the Lost themed Lost Sectors where they must defeat combatants and summon Headless Ones to convert their Spectral Pages into Manifested Pages. For every Headless One killed, a page is converted. For the first five minutes, Guardians must summon and kill as many Headless one's as possible until the timer ends, with ten being the maximum amount that can be summoned. When the timer ends, Guardians will be tasked with defeating the Sector's overseer. Said overseer will have two immunity shield phases where Guardians must summon and defeat headless one's to get pumpkin charges to break the immunity shield.

Lost Sector Location Sector Overseer
The Rift Arcadian Valley, Nessus Demiks, The Forgotten
K1 Revelation Ocean of Storms, Moon Oxiith, Abandoned Spawn
Perdition Rathmore Chaos, Europa The Secluded Mind


Completing a Haunted Sector will award various amounts of candy, glimmer, armor, and Festival of the Lost specific weapons such as Horror Story, BrayTech Werewolf, and Jurassic Green. Guardians may also occasionally acquire masks from previous years if they do not have them already.

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