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Swordsmen of Vengeance




Black Beaters Squad


Remake Auradon in their own images
Cement Mal's dark future

Other names:

Black Beaters


Shadowkeepers Apocalypse
Auradonian War


Kazuto Kirigaya
Asuna Yuuki
Ruby Hale
Eobard Thawne
Malcolm Merlyn
Damien Darhk
Tobias Whale
Hiram Lodge
Zevon, Son of Yzma
Fikrul, the Fanatic
Uldren Sov
Sasuke Uchiha
Phoenixaro Uchihamaki

Notable information:

Killed Zavala
Took over Auradon


The enemies of humanity are innumerable. We are surrounded by the Fallen, the Vex, the Hive, the Taken, the Scorn, and the Cabal. But never before have we faced an enemy as powerful as the Shadowkeepers – a villainous organization designed to overthrow entire worlds. — In-game Description

The Swordsmen of Vengeance (also known as Shadowkeepers) are a faction of rogue, vengeful Guardians who seek to enact their revenge on Auradon for helping Maleficent kill Mal. They are the main enemy faction of Paradox.

Black Beaters


Mal's Birth[edit]

Before Mal's parents Hendrick Yor and Kaguya Narusaka were killed by Maleficent, they created the Shadow Crystals, along with Mal's birthright jewel, known as the Crystal of Memory, which they attached onto her necklace in order that she can continue their legacy. At the same time, Narusaka Kazuto was adopted by his aunt and uncle a year after his birth, when his biological parents died in an accident. Raised by his foster parents as a son, Kazuto was originally forced to train with his cousin in the neighborhood kendo dojo; however due to his aunt's influence as an editor for a computer systems magazine, Kazuto became more interested in computers and dropped kendo after two years. This decision earned him a heavy beating from his grandfather, prompting Suguha to defend him by promising to practice enough for both of them. At the age of ten, Kazuto discovered that he was adopted from erased Juki Net records and since then unintentionally began distancing himself from Suguha. When he discovered the Crystal of Wrath, he meets a mysterious stranger named Evangelion, who tells him that his darkness was just the beginning.

Kazuto's Revenge[edit]

A few decades later, after he woke up from a coma, he and Asuna reunited with their friends, but the reunion was interrupted when the members of Laughing Coffin, the Integrity Knights, and their old enemies launched an attack on Rath, killing Suguha Kirigaya, Ryoutarou Tsuboi, Andrew Gilbert Mills, Keiko Ayano, Shino Asada, and Rika Shinozaki. Kazuto and Asuna attempt to attack them, but are suddenly injured. Just when they were about to kill Asuna, Kazuto lets off a dark aura and goes berserk, killing all of them before healing Asuna. Later on, they meet Evangelion, who tells them that the time has come for them to avenge their families and friends.

Rise of the Shadowkeepers[edit]

At some point during the events of Warmind, Kazuto and Asuna traveled back in time and recruited time remnants of Eobard Thawne, Malcolm Merlyn, Ruby Hale, Uldren Sov, Fikrul, and Sasuke Uchiha to help them undo what the heroes had done to them. Capitalizing on the growing desire for blood in Tokyo, they, along with the other members, formed a group, collectively titling themselves the "Shadowkeepers." After they banded together, they waged a civil war against various multiverses for abandoning Mal's cry for help and terrorized many settlements within Earth, degrading the once prosperous civilization into a lawless frontier. The terror they unleashed had almost grown as powerful as any Kell even having driven the Freedom Fighters to extinction through the destruction of all their allies. They even helped the Scorn successfully take control of a local Hive brood when Hiraks, the Mindbender took In Anânh, Brood Queen as his consort.

Recent Events[edit]

Attack on Auradon[edit]

Prior to the events of Descendants 2, Kazuto and Asuna met Zevon in the Isle of the Lost, where they recruit him into the Shadowkeepers, explaining that they can help him manipulate Mal into joining them so that she can kill Maleficent and take over Auradon. Three years later, during the events of Shadowkeep, the Shadowkeepers, led by Kazuto and Asuna, break into Auradon, where they slip a potion, to which Mal touches it and becomes evil, all while killing off Maleficent. By the time Mal became conscious again, she becomes corrupted by Kazuto, who reveals his plan for world domination. When the Guardian and Zavala arrived at Auradon, Fikrul and Uldren rally the Scorn, all of whom helped kill Prince Philip and Princess Aurora. At the same time, the Guardian encounters Mal, who suddenly kills Freddie Facilier and Evie while being possessed by the birthright jewel; Zavala attempts to stop her, but is suddenly cornered by Kazuto, who incinerates Zavala's Ghost with a Scorn pistol before killing Zavala with his own weapon, the Origin Story, and fleeing with his other weapon, An Answering Chord. After this encounter, they transformed the Auradon Prep students into a bloodthirsty faction titled the "Ghosts of Nagasaki." During this time, Mal grabs hold of a now-Taken Dragon's Eye scepter and helps them remake Auradon in their own image.


"To fulfill my family's destiny! To rule an empire. Auradon will be mine!" — Zevon

Legion of Doom[edit]

Damien Darhk is now the mayor of Star City and restored his original magic powers. He killed all the various vigilantes of Star City and Central City, plus Quentin Lance, Sara Lance, Felicity Smoak, and Amaya Jiwe, to which he kept their respective masks and helmets as trophies alongside Green Arrow, the Flash, Ragman, Wild Dog, Black Canary, Spartan, and Vigilante's respective mementoes.

Malcolm Merlyn has it so that his wife and son are both alive and in good spirits, and Thea is also a part of his family and now adores instead of hates him. He brings back his previous fortune and resources, both as CEO of Merlyn Global Group and leader of the League of Assassins. To which with the latter, he has Nyssa al Ghul living a closeted and miserable life in Ohio. He even restored his severed hand.

Eobard Thawne was now Mayor of Central City and the owner of S.T.A.R. Labs and had considerable resources and influence. Wanting status and fame, he would use his genius and company to solve various problems of the world, to which he gained various awards and influence on the world, even becoming personal friends with the President of the United States. He had the demonic speedster chasing him as his personal pet prisoner who constantly struggled to get free of his cell.

Villain Kids[edit]

At some point, Mal and Zevon have a daughter named Alina.



Corrupted Weapon Frames[edit]

High Orbit[edit]

"A notorious weapon that has now wrapped itself with aspects of what remained of Auradon, it bears three diabolical words: Long live evil."
These weapons can be acquired by defeating the Shadowkeepers in High Orbit.

Kirito and Asuna
Reverse Flash
Dark Archer

Notable Members[edit]


Unique Forces[edit]

Ghosts of Nagasaki[edit]

Kazuto wields the ability to control a twisted army of vile Auradonian corruptions known as the Ghosts of Nagasaki. These new enemies have been wholly consumed, possessed by the Darkness, bodies and mind twisted into service of their leader. Now, they are bent to a singular purpose – our eradication. — In-game Description

Reborn Army[edit]

Corrupted by Phoenixaro Uchihamaki with Dark Ether and SIVA, these new enemies have armed themselves with some of the most deadliest arsenal the Vanguard had ever heard of. Confront the Reborn Army in the Shadowdrifter and contain the infection. — In-game Description

  • Reborn Goblin: Armed with a Void Slap Rifle upgraded with a dramatically increased rate of fire and seeking projectiles. Can fire a shield ray at other Reborn to provide full immunity for them, which doubles as an Arc beam that deals constant damage. Equipped with a Solar melee attack that briefly ignites its target. Can teleport short distances.
  • Reborn Hobgoblin: Armed with a Void Line Rifle that has two different firing modes: a sniper bolt with small explosive properties and slows its targets upon a direct hit and a series of Retaliation Swarms. Can throw Arc Slap Grenades that produce a feedback field that blinds and slows anyone that steps in it. Equipped with a Solar melee attack that briefly ignites its target.
  • Reborn Harpy: Armed with dual Void Slap Rifles that function the same as the Reborn Goblin's Slap Rifle and can fly around while shooting. Can launch a Solar bomb at close range that leaves behind a pool of fire upon detonation. Explodes in a web of Arc energy upon death, producing a feedback field that blinds and slows anyone that steps in it.
  • Reborn Minotaur: Equipped with a Void energy shield. Armed with a Solar Torch Hammer that fires explosive bolts which ignite and sunder their targets upon detonation. Can turn invisible and teleport short distances. Capable of a Void energy drain function at close range which causes rapid damage. Equipped with an Arc melee attack that causes significant knockback and blindness for a short time.
  • Reborn Hydra: Outfitted with rotating semicircular shields that block all damage. Armed with a Solar Aeon Maul that fires high explosive bolts which leave behind pools of fire that ignite and sunder Guardians for a short time. Capable of a close range Arc detonation melee attack that blinds, knocks back, and shocks anyone that gets too close. Releases a Void blast upon death that will release an energy dome that will poison and slow anyone that steps inside.
  • Reborn Cyclops: Armed with a Void mortar that fires a spread of blasts which track their targets. Outfitted with a Solar Aeon Maul that functions the same as the Reborn Hydra's Aeon Maul. Capable of unleashing an Arc beam when enraged, which is capable of dealing constant damage and inflicting a shocking effect.
  • Reborn War Beast: Outfitted with Arc claws that briefly slow their targets. Capable of unleashing a Solar headbutt attack that ignites and knocks its victim back. Explodes in a Void singularity when killed.
  • Reborn Psion: Armed with Arc Hunter Rifles with two different firing modes: a full-auto barrage of slugs and a laser-pointed semi-auto sniper shot. Can duplicate to create more copies of itself. Capable of unleashing a Solar Psionic Blast that behaves just like its regular Red Legion Psion counterpart, but with added ability of slowing Guardians upon descent on top of creating a burning line and rupture. Unleashes an Arc melee attack at close range that causes brief blindness.
  • Reborn Legionary: Armed with a Solar Cabal Slug Shotgun that inflicts a burning and sundering effect on its targets. Capable of unleashing an Arc shockwave that travels forward and inflicts a shocking effect upon a direct hit. Can fire a Void frag grenade which attaches to any surface as a trap and leaves behind a poison cloud upon detonation.
    • Corrupted Legionary
    • Endwaker Legionary
    • Wicked Legionary
  • Reborn Phalanx: Armed with a Solar Cabal Slug Shotgun that functions the same as the Reborn Legionary's shotgun. Outfitted with a Cabal Shield that can unleash an Arc energy blast that inflicts major knockback was well as a shocking and blinding effect. Can uses its shield to unleash a Void singularity that causes damage over time. Can teleport short distances.
  • Reborn Incendior: Armed with a Cabal Magma Launcher upgraded with enhanced fire rate, range, and burn damage. Can perform a charged Arc blast from the weapon that causes knockback as well as a shocking and slowing effect. Summons Void seeker orbs upon death.
    • Corrupted Incendior
    • Endwaker Incendior
    • Wicked Incendior
  • Reborn Gladiator: Armed with Arc Cabal Severus which cause brief paralysis with each strike. Can perform a Solar berserker charge attack that sends Guardians flying and inflicts them with a burning effect. Can throw a Void frag grenade that creates a poison cloud upon detonation.
    • Corrupted Gladiator
    • Endwaker Gladiator
    • Wicked Incendior
  • Reborn Centurion: Equipped with an Arc energy shield and can teleport short distances. Armed with an Arc Cabal Bronto Cannon that fires mortar blasts which have no gravitational drop and leave behind giant energy domes that shock, blind, and slow Guardians that step in them. Can fire Void Axion Darts that inflict poison and suppression effects upon a direct hit. Equipped with a Solar blade that ignites and sunders its victims.
  • Reborn Colossus: Armed with a Void Cabal Slug Launcher that fires super slugs which create giant energy domes upon impact which poison, suppress, and slow Guardians that step in them. Can fire Solar cluster missiles that leave behind pools of fire upon detonation which ignite and sunder as well as cause its victim to bleed. Can unleash an Arc quake attack that shocks, blinds, and slows its target.
  • Reborn Ballistarius: Armed with twin Arc Slug Rifles which are capable of changing elemental damage types and fire rapidly, essentially a Submachine gun. The turrets they put down fire Tracking Bombs that detonate in a burst of Arc energy and cast a protective shield that can be broken in a few shots; when entering the shield one is inflicted with the Slowed debuff.
  • Reborn Lancer: Their spears can now fire short bursts of Arc energy in addition to their shields, which function like ordinary Reborn Phalanxes. Noted for dodge-and-weave attacks.
  • Reborn Flamer: Instead of Solar energy they are equipped with Gravity Cannons that place orbs of sucking Void energy wherever they land; the more orbs are added to an area the greater their power. They throw a Gravity Grenade that has much limited Aoe.
  • Reborn Hypaspist: Their weapons are replaced with a gigantic shield that effectively replicates the Reborn Vandal's Void barrier but is impenetrable to all weaponsfire except concentrated Super attacks. For ordinary combat they can shield other units with a Void energy stream projected from their heads that can damage any Guardians that wander into the stream, and show significant damage resistance to weaponsfire, comparable to Randal the Vandal.
  • Reborn Gunnery Sergeant: They control Reborn Goliath Tanks that fire Arc blasts with an Aoe attack that can short out Guardian weapons but cannot suppress abilities or Supers. In personal combat they use Void Projection Rifles with a higher Aoe.
  • Reborn Pulsar: Both Psion Pulsar subtypes are combined, and serve as commanders of Reborn attacks during Heroic Public Events. If they're killed the Reborn lose unit cohesion and retreat. They are protected by a group of lesser Pulsars that must be killed in order to damage them. This can stack up to three times.
  • Reborn Draconarius: Their rocket launchers have become even more deadly, firing tracking Void rocket volleys that can kill a Guardian upon immediate impact, and can break Roaming Supers easily. Their Dragon's Gaze now fires an Arc beam of energy that creates a line of electric currents upon impact, which will shock and slow Guardians that step in them. Their rocket jet blasts now create a large Solar pillar.
  • Reborn Lightning Psion: In addition to their normal abilities these Reborn units can now phase in and out of reality at will and regain a portion of their health. Their Lasrifles fire sticky Void Grenades that can kill a Guardian if enough are stuck onto them.
  • Reborn Marauder Lancer: Their overshields now explode when a Guardian draws too near to them. Their arm-mounted blades have merged with their arms completely, and their missile launcher fires a single Void orb at a time that functions the same as the Reborn Lancer's, only with more explosive force.
  • Reborn Thunderbolt Colossus: Their Phaser Cannons can punch through any Guardian Roaming Super and deal double-damage if their Super is activated. Their Ultra-Heavy Slug Throwers fire swarms of Void missiles that can flush out Guardians in hiding.

Unique Vehicles[edit]

  • Reborn Skiff: These remote controlled airships will deploy Reborn via Solar satellite laser, which will instantly destroy anyone within its radius. In addition it will deploy Shock Grenades at an increased rate of fire with a larger blast radius, as well as fire with its Void Skiff Turrets, which fire high explosive warheads that cause a blackout. However, like regular Skiffs, the grenade launchers can be destroyed, limiting its overall firepower.
  • Reborn Walker: Now fully self-aware, Walkers have gained notice of their purpose. Unlike regular Walkers, they actually scour the arena to seek out anyone hiding in cover. All of its weapons deal Void damage and inflict poison and suppression effects as they deal more damage. Has the ability to trap Guardians in place at close range in corrupted ether domes, draining their health, before pushing them back with their shockwave. The domes can be destroyed. Can roll out Reborn Exploder Shanks from its rear.
  • Reborn Tombship: Has Axion Dart cannons which fire faster and have high ballistic velocity. Can rain down a giant Solar bomb that unleashes a group of Reborn. Can fire Arc Boomer bolts in rapid succession.
  • Reborn Breaker Goliath Tank: Appearing only as the ultimate Ultra boss of Heroic Public Events, these monsters have gained sentience and aggressively seek out a Guardian at random, attempting to run them over. Its weapons are all Void based, and has a Vortex function, where it will launch a singularity from its main cannon that will drag Guardians over to them and deal damage over time. Can bring Guardians out of their Super ability and will suppress Guardian abilities for a short time. After remaining trapped for a short time, the singularity will erupt into a Void pillar, sending Guardians flying upward and causing them to die of fall damage.


A ruthless gang of barbarous thugs led by Penny Peabody and Malachai and one of the most notorious gangs hired by Kazuto and Hiram, they deal in drugs and street race for sport. They are also rumored to have committed various acts of murder against many enslaved Auradonians during the Shadowkeepers' takeover. — In-game Description

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