Engineering Sector

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Engineering Sector


Seraph Station, Geosynchronous Orbit

Enemy factions:

House of Salvation
Xivu Arath's Horde

Connecting areas:

Seraph Facility Entrance

Area type:



Engineering Sector is a location at the far end of Seraph Station and serves as the main point of egress into the station through orbital launch pods from the Seraph Launch Facility on Earth.


Access throughout the Engineering Sector of the station is restricted through the usage of Scanner and Operator protocol augments (similar to the ones used in Deep Stone Crypt) that Guardians must deposit into Augmentation Terminals. Fallen Splicers from the House of Salvation fortified the sector using Security Turrets, Web Mines, and the station's own security systems and are also reinforced with Hive from Xivu Arath's Horde.

When the Guardians reaches a dead end, Elsie Bray had a ploy to surrender to the Fallen after causing a stir aboard the sector, detonating a bunch of Ether tanks that drew the attention of Haroktha, Scourge of the Helium Drinkers. They will fight for a few moments before summoning Fallen reinforcements and Warbringer Brigs in their stead, which the Guardians would dispatch before laying arms in the next room in "surrender" to the Fallen. A massive Prime Servitor appears to transmat them to the brig of the nearby House Salvation Ketch as prisoners.[1]


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