Resonant Destruction

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Resonant Destruction


Savathûn's Throne World




Escort the Resonant Splinter


Resonant Destruction, also known as Ferry the Resonant Splinter, is a Public Event of Destiny 2 that takes place in Savathûn's Throne World. The Guardians hijack a Resonant Splinter and turn its power against enemy forces.[1]


  • Ferry the Resonant Splinter.
  • Stay near the Resonant Splinter to deploy it against your foes.
  • Destroy Pyramid Spikes to unblock the Resonant Splinter.


  • Defeat the bosses to activate the Resonant Splinter's deathwave.


When the event begins, a Resonant Splinter will manifest in the area, guarded by a few enemies. Defeating them will unlock the Splinter for escorting. At least one player will need to stay near or on it to make it move, though the more there are the faster it will go. The Splinter will move on a set path through the area, while the enemies assault it with numerous forces. At two set points, the foes will set up a blockade powered by Pyramid Spikes and guarded by numerous powerful enemies. Destroying the Spikes will let the Splinter continue on its path. After the second barricade, the splinter will be approaching the final destination, protected by another boss. Upon reaching the platform, the Splinter will activate a shield. A large number of enemies will appear, but the weapon will release a burst, killing them all instantly and completing the event.

Heroic Event - Secure the Resonant Splinter[edit]

Alongside the hordes of enemies, Resonant Keepers will appear. Killing one of these enemies will make it drop a Resonant Charge orb. Throwing around six of these orbs at the Splinter will charge it up and make the event Heroic. This will cause another boss, or a larger amount of bosses to spawn at the Splinter's destination. Until all the bosses are defeated, the Splinter will not detonate.


Florescent Canal - Lucent Brood


Miasma or Quagmire - Scorn

  • Two more copies of Rynax will appear

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