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Grimoire Skyshock.jpg
Map overview


The Dark Below expansion



Gameplay overview

"What the hell happened to that one?"
"Dahlia? We call her the Antiquity. You can pull more Fallen blades and bullets out of her chassis than Shaxx's armor, but she keeps coming back. I mean, she's logged what? Forty-plus missions."
"Those are Arcite numbers.
— Two technicians[1]

Skyshock is a Crucible map located in Old Russia on Earth.[2] It also is the location of the Quest mission Beauty in Delivery, where The Guardian crafts their own Gjallarhorn.

Grimoire description[edit]

"Whatever they were after here, it's been lost. We can only hope it was Rasputin that destroyed it and not the Hive."
Lord Shaxx

LOCATION: Old Russia, Earth

This repowered interplanetary defense array in the Cosmodrome, once under the control of Rasputin, was recently ravaged by the Hive.

Now cleared and controlled by the Crucible, the deserted Seeders left amongst the Skyshock Array offer more evidence that the Hive's endless battle with the last Warmind still rages on, and has now reached Earth.



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