Injection Rig (Public Event)

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Injection Rig
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European Dead Zone




Stop the Cabal's information gathering.


Injection Rig is a Public Event that occurs in several Destinations in Destiny 2. The Cabal send down an Injection Rig with the intent of spying on nearby territory. The Guardians are called up to stop them.


"And my vanquisher will read that book, seeking the weapon, and they will come to understand me, where I have been and where I was going."
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  • Draw Down the Infiltrator Valus
    • Infiltrator Psions defeated X of 3
    • Evacuate!
  • Defeat the Infiltrator Valus.
    • Infiltrator Valus defeated X of 1


When the event starts, the Injection Rig will be deployed from an orbiting Cabal Warship, and a Major Psion will appear, identifiable by the Public Event symbol highlighting them. Killing the Psion will cause the Rig to start venting heat within its projected shield, which can quickly kill an inattentive player, as well as damaging any enemies still inside. When the rig finishes venting, another Psion will appear. Three Psions will have to be killed before the Infiltrator Valus joins the battle. Throughout this, stronger and stronger reinforcements will keep spawning. Killing the Valus completes the event and causes the Rig to fly back to orbit.

Heroic Event[edit]

When the Rig starts to vent heat, it will open three grates at its top and three near its bottom. These can be shot, and if they are all destroyed before the Infiltrator Valus arrives, the event will become Heroic. This will cause a constant orbital bombardment to begin from the orbiting warship. Killing the Valus still completes the Heroic event, but the rig will succumb to its damage and explode as it flies away.


Most Locations - Red Legion[1]
Neptune - Shadow Legion[2]

Enemies as before, but the area has frequent spawns of other Cabal, including Honored Scorpii


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