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Season of Avarice

Start date:

June 5th, 2020

End date:

September 15th, 2020

Previous season:

Season of Defiance

Next season:

Season of the Deep


"I'll sweeten the deal.. reclaim my place on the Shore, and i'll double your investments."
The Spider

The Season of Avarice is the eleventh season of Destiny 2 and the next expansion following the Season of the Wolf. The story centers around The Spider and his plan to retake his Casino lost during the Red War from the Scorn that now inhabits it, along with reestablishing the Spider's authority The story unfolds with the Guardians helping to coordinate the heist and assemble a crew to make away with their earnings and break a new, powerful Scorn army before it can get worse.


  • BREAK AN ARMY, GET YOUR CUT: Collaborate with the Spider and help him reclaim his lost belongings from his overrun Casino whilst working to stem the tide of a Scorn army and face the Priest behind this nefarious plot.
  • RELIGHT THE BLACK ARMORY: Find new Lost Forges lost during the mass exodus of the Golden Age and reclaim the more powerful weaponry from their stores.
  • KEEP YOUR ALLIES CLOSE, AND YOUR ENEMIES CLOSER: Compete in a new PvP mode and work alongside a sect of The Lucent Hive and defeat the enemy team also supported by another batch.
  • THE DRIFTER'S MOST DANGEROUS GAME: Gambit Prime was not the end. Compete against a more bitter foe, race against the enemy team, and achieve the sweetest loot the Drifter has to offer.
  • NIGHTMARES BECOME REALITY: Return to your memories and accomplishments from the past, but find them filled to the brim with challenging opponents. Meditate with Ikora and defeat the dark champions and memories that await.



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