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Weaver Erysthion, Forge Warden
Biographical information




Vex Sol Collective





Combat information


Jormungandr Forge


Arc Harpy Slap Rifle


Summon Vex
High Durability
Rapid Flight
Midair Levitation
Initial Immunity
Temporal Shockwave
Forge Lockdown
Summon Energy Bypass Cube
Summon Supplicants
Suppression Field
Medusa's Gaze
Repair Sequence


Weaver Erysthion, Forge Warden is one of the final bosses of the Jormungandr Forge in the Hellas Basin.


Erysthion will emerge from the ground in a similar fashion as the Consecrated Mind, Sol Inherent before engaging it's Guardian assailants. It will attempt to locate a position to retaliate against its opponents before finally covering it's eye and firing it's Harpy Slap Rifles; there is an opportunity to sneak in some damage while it attempts this. If anyone gets too close to the Weaver, it will activate it's Temporal Shockwave melee ability to blast away it's opponents. Occasionally, it will also conjure Supplicants in the air to track down and eliminate it's opponents. It will be immune while in this attack stance; to remove the immunity and deal damage to the boss, players must locate a pulsating, blocky mass much like that of the Voltaic Overflow cubes the Consecrated Mind creates and collect them. After one of the players collected the Energy Bypass Cube, they must quickly bring it to the Conflux right beside the Harpy before they are killed. However, once the Cube is collected, the boss will entrap every player in the arena in a Detainment Field with a damaging Suppression Field to inconvenience the players, but will trouble the collector more due to the suppression of their weaponry. After the energy is deposited, the boss will attempt to flee to another spot and will be open to damage. Once the Harpy reaches this area, it will do either one of two things: try and obliterate any of it's opposition with a Medusa's Gaze attack or attempt to repair itself. If it attempts to use it's Medusa's Gaze, players should immediately seek cover and break it's sight. If it attempts to repair itself, players must destroy 3 Oracles hidden around the arena.

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