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Baroness Esilis, Forge Warden
Biographical information




Kell's Scourge







Combat information


Cernunnos Forge


Molten Welder
Wire Rifle


Summon Fallen
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Ultra Smash
Forge Lockdown
Drone Shielding
Ketch Bombardment
Shock Cluster Grenade
Summon Overcharge Shanks
Summon Skiffs
Summon Ether Distributor


Baroness Esilis, Forge Warden is one of the final bosses of the Cernunnos Forge in the New Pacific Arcology.


Esilis will emerge from her Skiff at the northern-most end of the arena before engaging the Guardian intruders. She will roam the arena and bombard her opponents with her Molten Welder, but will often press any "troubling" Guardians and force them from cover, whether that be through gunfire or her Ultra Smash melee ability. On occasion, she will fire a flare into the air and call for a missile volley from the Ketch looming above the arena. She will also toss a powerful version of the Shock Grenade that splits into separate smaller, yet powerful Grenades that explodes upon impact with any surface. After enough time passes, she will go invisible and teleport to a ledge somewhere over the arena and call for Overcharge Shanks to slow her enemies. To force her from her hiding spot, players must first find where she's hiding, pick up an explosive charge dropped by one of the Overcharge Shanks and throw it at her. Much like Phensis, Loyal to Eramis, Skiffs hover above the battle while unloading various Shank drones to rain down suppressing fire for their allies, their mistress included. Servitors named Ether Distributors also have a chance to spawn, providing fire support and shielding for their allies and also capable of granting increased resilience to Esilis, making them crucial targets.

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