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Glyphlord Kitrâa, Forge Warden
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Grasp of Nokris







Combat information


Jormungandr Forge


Summon Hive
High Durability
Rapid Flight
Midair Levitation
Dying Star
Drone Shielding
Forge Lockdown
Blackened Snare
Glyphbound Immolation
Summon Shadowrifts
Shadowrift Empowerment


Glyphlord Kitrâa, Forge Warden is one of the final bosses of the Jormungandr Forge in the Hellas Basin.


Kitrâa will emerge from the Hive Portal at the northern-most part of the arena before letting out a loud scream and engaging her Guardian assailants. Much like Nokris, Herald of Xol, she will fire arcing Solar bolts at her enemies and use her AoE melee ability if anyone gets too close. Occasionally, usually when her enemies are hiding or she's getting pressed too hard by her opponents, she will teleport to another corner of the arena. Unlike her other Wizard counterparts, she will cast her Blackened Snare ability which traps opponents in an asphyxiating field of shadowy gas that severely slows movement and deals more damage than the Poison Cloud ability. She will also sacrifice her subordinates, which will lift the sacrifice into the air and envelop them in searing tendrils; if they are killed by this ability, the Glyphs near the Portal she emerged from will begin to light up. Once all of the Glyphs are lit, she will cast Glyphbound Immolation, which will send a cascading wave of Void energy, killing off any Guardians weakened by either her or her subordinates. She will also occasionally conjure Shadowrifts which not only summon more adds, but also increases her resilience, so it is imperative that these Shadowrifts be disarmed.

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