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"Rise! Wolves, Kings, Winter and Stone! A new era of Fallen awaits your allegiance!" -Scaggis, Kell of Obsidian

House of Obsidian
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Scaggis, Kell of Obsidian
Varjis, Clever Headed
Astus, the Scourge
Liviks, The Rekindled
Ryliss, the Weaver
Nalviks, The Exiled
Drakar, The Warden
Fikrul, The Rebel
Draksis, Winter-Forged
Parixas, the Howling
Praksis, the Technocrat
Irxis, Wolf Baron
Yavek, Wolf Baron
Grayris, Wolf Baron
Drevis, Wolf Baron
Siviks, Wolf Baron
Driviks, Wolf Baron
Grayliks, Winter Baron


Alkane Prime
Duriks Prime
Orbiks Reborn


Shard of the Traveler(Formerly)

At war with:

House of Salvation(technically)
The Hive
The Cabal
Forces of the City

Allied with:

House of Dusk
House of Wolves(temporary/merged)
House of Winter(temporary/merged)
House of Kings(temporary/merged)


House of Obsidian
Season of the Forge(presumably)
Solstice of Heroes(Presumably)


The House of Obsidian is a Fallen House, distinguishable by their pastel blue armor and Ether storing and vibrant cyan cloaks. Additionally, they were the subject of an expansion of the same name, similar to the House of Wolves.

Among the Eliksni, they are resourceful, clever, and dangerous. They mainly hide in the Neptunian moon of Triton, from where they plot and launch operations.



Soon after the Hangman's onslaught of what remained of House Wolves, Scaggis, a Wolf captain scurried through the Rubicon Wastes, eventually reaching one of the Skiffs used to regroup with Keldar, where the Ether Runner strapped to his cloak suggested they scour Sol in hopes of forming a crew to survive. Rallying Eliksni still wearing Wolf, Winter, and Scar banners, crossing Prison of Elders fugitives from Spider's bounties in exchange for loyalty to his crew, presenting the helmets of the ones he "Killed" to the spider, claiming the bounty for his newly formed crew of notorious rebels and criminals, including those affiliated with Beltrik and the Remaining Kings.

Two months after the Hunt for the Scorn, Scaggis' crew would catch wind about the Kell's Scourge, sending a Student of Beltrik and two Vandals to investigate, wearing the Scourge's colors while they gained access to the syndicate's operations, most notably serving as Snipers during the raid on Vault Ebisu, The Student aiding other Fallen in hiding once he noticed the War-Machine was near destruction as they watched the Guardians reap the weaponry in the vault. Once the lightbearers had left the Student led the dregs, vandals and captains out of the Vault and into the Shard of the Traveler where the crew had set base, though one Vandal stood behind and took whatever scrap she could, stripping Insurrection Prime's parts to more easily carry, rushing to follow the other Fallen when she saw Vanguard forces approach the site.

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