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This article is about the community event. For the actual Season, see Season of the Splicer.
Season of the Plague
Start date:

May 11th, 2021

End date:

August 24th, 2021

Previous season:

Season of the Chosen

Next season:

Season of [REDACTED]



Season of the Plague is the fourteenth Season of Destiny 2 scheduled for release on May 11th, 2021. Created by SeasonThePlague and the Destiny community, this Season focuses on the return of SIVA and the fight between the Guardians and a new wave of Splicers and SIVA-enhanced Cabal that could determine the fate of both the Last City and possibly the world.



Though the Vanguard has reached a peaceful armistice with Empress Caiatl and her forces, the struggle still remains far from over, for now yet a new threat emerges to challenge the Last City. After many years of remaining dormant since the defeat of the Devil Splicers long ago, the nano-plague known as SIVA now makes a violent resurgence, spreading its infection across Earth, and this time, it has fallen into the hands of a mysterious new foe who has teamed up with Amtec's followers and now leads a dark army of Salvation Splicers and SIVA-enhanced Cabal soldiers in a terrifying plan to resurrect Eramis and unleash a dark terror upon the entire universe.

In the hopes of preventing this coming threat from rising, the Vanguard and Caiatl's forces have established an alliance with Mithrax and his House of Light and called upon the Guardians to venture into the wretched dimensions of a long-forgotten world and find Shiro-4 so that they can help him bring down this dark enemy.


Dormant SIVA Caches across the system are beginning to awaken from the Plaguelands, to the Exodus Black, and Europa. Contain the outbreak in the new 12-Player Seasonal Activity: “Containment Breach”, to quell the tide of the enemies of humanity as the Conclave of Amtec and House Salvation march to claim SIVA for themselves. Learn to wield SIVA through research with Ana Bray, and by collecting SIVA caches through Containment Breach.


With the return of SIVA, its use as a tool to enhance technology returns with a fury. Wield new and returning weapons and armors, and brand new SIVA ornaments for your favorite gears.


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