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Corruption Insurgence


The Nephilim




Defeat the Hive Strike Force


Corruption Insurgence is a World Event of Destiny 2 that takes place aboard the Nephilim. A large group of powerful Hive invades the Insurgence Zone and Guardians are tasked with stopping them.[1]


  • Defeat the Ogre Kalagins and shut off their connection to Corruption.
    • Ogre Kalagins defeated: X of 6


This event is extremely rare, appearing very sparingly within the weekly Vex Incursion Zone. Its marker will read Insurgence Zone, with a unique icon. The event's enemies are much stronger than the norm for a Public Event, though it lasts for fifteen minutes instead of the usual five. When the event starts, massive Corruption rifts will open, and from each a giant Ogre Kalagin will appear, alongside several endlessly replenishing reinforcements. The Kalagins are protected by an immunity shield that can only be broken by the by the use of the Corruption element from which Guardians can replenish their abilities and supers from small pools scattered about the area. Once one of the Kalagins is slain, another one will appear at the remaining two locations, and once a pair of these are slain, a third will appear in the last location. Destroying all six Ogre Kalagins within the time limit will complete the event, which rewards players with a piece of Exotic armor.


HiveWeavers of Sorrow



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