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Biographical information




House of Flame
House of Lions
House of Sky
House of Storm
House of Waves
House of Tigers
House of Time
Dusk Splicers
House of SIVA
House of Scorpions
Dragon's Breath
The Jackal Syndicate
Meme Squad
Blacklight Syndicate
House of Hunters
House of Shadow
House of Arthropods
House of Ice
House of Swords
House of Vipers
House of Forgotten
House of Emperors
House of Shadows
Second House of Reborn Wolves
House of Panthers
House of the Divine Torch




Political Leader
Ketch Commander


The Holy Couch
Last Ruler Standing
Den of the Disgraced
House of Hunters
Kell of Vipers
Raiju's Ascent
Torch Unbound


12'1 to any type of height

Combat information


Shrapnel Launcher (common)
Scorch Cannon (rare)


High Durability
Rapid Movement
Ultra Smash
Summon Fallen
Special abilities of any Kells


"Strike like a Kell, will give you bounty worthy of a Kell!"
Variks, The Loyal, speaking about the A Kell's Hand Bounty

Kells acts as the political leader of their Fallen House, rulling their people and command their forces with an iron fist and usually commandeer their House's flagship Ketch. Kells are also known for controling their Houses' Ether supply, through the use of an Elder Cipher. But if a Kell dies, then the House will fall into a civil war, between their Barons and/or nobility; Only the most powerful contender or when all opposition is gone can someone assume control.[1] Such as the House of Wolves, when their Kell, Virixas, was killed by Mara Sov. Which cause 3 of their nobility to fight against each other to become the new Kell of Wolves.[2]

However it is possible that a House can still function without a Kell, as an Archon, Prime Servitor, or another Kell from a different House can assume command of the House.[3][4] [5] But, their loss severely weakens a house and demoralizes its forces. For this reason, Kells are a prime target for enemy forces.

Notable Kells[edit]

Joke Boss Kells[edit]


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