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"For years we have remained in the shadows. No more. Today is the day we rise above the failed houses. Today is the day we succeed where Gods have failed. Today is the day we defeat the Lightbourne, with poison in their veins and toxic blight in their light."
— Lorkxyn, Scorpion Kell
Lorkxyn, Scorpion Kell
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Lorkxyn, Scorpion Kell is the Kell of the Fallen House of Scorpions as well as the general of their military. He is responsible for leading the invasion against the Guardians.


"Be wary Guardian. Scorpion Kell is like ghost. You don't know when it reveals itself and strikes."
Variks, the Loyal

Lorkxyn has been Kell of the House of Scorpions for years and is primarily the reason why the Guardians, the Reef or even other Fallen Houses have been unable to find or defeat the Scorpions. Lorkxyn is well-known for being one-step ahead of his opponents, exemplifying the Scorpions nature in cunning. His uncanny prediction of his opponents moves and his clam, patient planning has led to his house to remain in the shadows for years, more so than even the House of Kings. For some unknown reasons known only to him, Lorkxyn has a particular grudge against the House of Wolves and watched with satisfaction when they lost the Reef Wars and forced into servitude under Queen Mara Sov. There are many rumors to Lorkxyn's grudge but none can be proven. One rumors suggests he came close to stealing priceless technology but was stopped by none other than Skolas, the Rabid. Another says that Lorkxyn had an affair with a Wolf Baroness and when she was about to defect to his side, she was captured and executed by the Wolf Kell, Virixias for treason. For whatever reason behind his grudge, Lorkxyn has remained silent about the topic. Recently, he laughs at the desperate state the Wolves are currently dealing with.

Lorkxyn had heard the call to arms from the House of Kings that led to the Battle of the Twilight Gap but predicted that either the attack will fail or even if they reclaimed the Great Machine, the Fallen would inevitably fight among themselves and destroy one another. For this reason, he ignored the call and merely watched as the Devils, Kings and Winter Houses failed to take the Traveler. In addition, Lorkxyn has taken a unique interest into the Guardians who have defeated so many leaders and monsters of the Solar System and as such ordered his house to avoid contact with them. He knows his forces are not prepared yet to face the Guardians and intends to find a way to make his House strong enough to not share the same fate as the other houses.

Things changed when he saw an opportunity for an advantage against the factions of the Solar System when his forces attacked a Devil Splicers shipment and gained access to some experimental SIVA. Originally, Lorkxyn was fearful of the Devil Splicers and their new Archon, Aksis, but he predicted they would fail against the Lightbourne. This came true when the Guardians, now a new generation of Iron Lords, defeated Aksis and his followers. However, his attack was noticed by both parties and now was forced to take his House out of the shadows and face the angry Devils and the new Iron Lords. Instead of being angry, Lorkxyn seems pleased as now he can take the fight into the open and make his House the most powerful force in the Solar System. He now eagerly awaits to face the Guardians, deep in his Poison Chamber, for he well knows they will come for him soon.


Lorkxyn is the final boss of the Poison Chamber Raid. He is the most powerful leader the House of Scorpions have ever seen, and as such is also the most difficult boss in this raid.

Shock Repeater[edit]

Lorkxyn has his own Shock Repeater, which is modified to fire at 2000 RPM and have pinpoint accuracy. The Bullets track enemies more aggressively and it has higher muzzle velocity than usual. Lorkxyn will normally use this weapon to break down the shields of the party.

Decay Cannon[edit]

He is also equipped with a Decay Cannon, a poison-modified Scorch Cannon that leaves a massive poison cloud upon detonation. This poison cloud drains the health of its victims.

Servitor Buffs[edit]

Lorkxyn will also gain certain abilities from various Servitors: an Arc Servitor gives him an Arc shield as well as the ability to hurl flying electric shockwaves that track enemies aggressively and inflict the Shocking debuff upon a successful hit; a Solar Servitor will grant him a Solar shield as well as the ability to throw napalm canisters; a Void Servitor will grant him a Void shield as well as the ability to inflict a debuff that disables recovery and agility. In order to tear down the elemental shields, the Servitors must be shutdown first. Once all Servitors have been shut down, then Lorkxyn will revive the Servitors and gain all shields and abilities at once.

Poison Gas[edit]

After reducing his health to 50% with his shields gone, Lorkxyn made his own form of poisonous gas, and unlike the two raid bosses before him, it is downright lethal. After the damage phase, the entire room will be flooded with this poison. If you don't find a safe spot in 10 seconds, you die. A very brief warning will be given to the party team, dubbed "Lorkyxn's Gift Imminent".


After the poison gas has dispersed, Lorkxyn will inflict all Guardians with a debuff that suppresses them of their Super, Grenade, and Melee abilities. This debuff lasts until the next damage phase begins as the Servitors are shut down.

Venom Bomb[edit]

After being reduced to 5% health, Lorkxyn will commit one last act to kill the party, like so many final boss of a Raid. Lorkxyn will activate his most powerful weapon he designed, the Venom Bomb. Lorkxyn will head to the center of the area and gather as much poisonous ether he can to activate the bomb. The party has about 10 seconds to kill Lorkxyn to stop the bomb.