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House of Forgotten


Dereks, Kell of Forgotten
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Rise of the Emperors


"Oh, those guys? Oh don't worry, they are my friends. Why are they named like that?, I'm not sure, maybe it has to do with their members being cast out? Left by their house? Forgotten by their peers?"

House of Forgotten (also known as The Forgotten House) is a Fallen House distinguishable by their Black and Gray Cloaks and armor.

The House mostly operate in areas that the Fallen usually occupies, specifically Nessus, but also has a strong presence within Old Toronto on Earth. The House's intentions are unknown but are seen to be neutral with The Last City, and those who ally with them, however they are also allies with Fallen House of Lions.


Much of their History is unknown for the time being, but it is implied that the House's formation was created by those who were abandoned by their Houses, mostly likely those who were left out during the creation of the House of Dusk, and came together as one and took up grounds over at Nessus. However, unlike the House of Dusk, whom were hostile to patrolling Guardians, the House of Forgotten weren't much shown to have any hostility to Guardians. At a another unknown point of time, the House of Forgotten would come into contact with the House of Lions and formed a alliance between the two, which would create a amnesty to The Last City.

Rise of Emperors[edit]

Although, despite the House of Forgotten barely had interaction with the City or the House of Lions, a few of their members would be kidnapped by the House of Emperors in attempt to force them to their side, amongst the kidnapped was a Vandal named: Ravgaks and was placed in a cell by the Emperors. However, him, along with a House of Dusk Wretch, Otroks, and a House of Lions Vandal named: Cerbiks would break free from the Emperors' grasp, and escaped off to the ruins of Georgia where they then fended off from incoming Emperor forces, and hold the line for backup from both the House of Lions and Forgotten. Which the group successfully defeated those Emperors and went off to their separate ways, as Ravgaks would return to his House safely.

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  • The Walkers that belong to the House of Forgotten acts different than a normal Walker, being that their Laser Cannon is Arc instead of Solar, and when it impacts, it creates smaller Arc projectiles at enemies in it's close proximity.

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