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House of Waves


Umbern, Kell of Oceans
Yvetrin, Baron of Waves
Tyect, Drowned Captain
Restruv, Ocean Polluter
Neró Prime


Kepler 62e



The House of Waves is a House that fell away from the rest of the other Houses during their Golden Age via the Great Machine and colonized the water planet of Kepler 62e or as they call it, Umbara. The House of Waves' Kell, Umbern, adapted their Servitors' Ether production to help them stay underwater. They created an underwater utopia until the Whirlwind occurred and it became a safespace for Fallen who fled the doomed world. Now the House of Waves wishes to ransom the entirety of Earth and Kepler's water supply for the Traveler. If the Last City doesn't comply, they will pollute and destroy all of the known water so the human race will die out. Nowadays the House of Waves is at war with the House of Dusk over Titan and Earth as every house as their planet except for the Waves who has only the moon of Kepler 62e to themselves. The House of Waves is one of the most formidable houses known because of their Prime Servitor, Nero, Nero is the strongest Servitor in their arsenal because of it's ability to alter the Ether in the air into many different forms.