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House of Panthers
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Zaceriks, Kell of Panthers
Evyriss, Panther Queen
Deleriks, Panthers' Admiral
Mevariks Headmaster of the Panthers
Telakriss, Kell's Right Hand


Veniks Prime
Erziks Prime


The Panthers' Pride
Tyr's Gauntlet
Boreas' Wasteland
New Zealand Mountains

At war with:

House of Wolves
House of Dusk
Red Legion
House of Salvation
Xivu Arath's Horde
Black Fleet

Allied with:

House of Lions
The Reef
House of Light


"Panthers? Ha! Just yet another "House" in the endless sea of desperate Fallen running around the System."

The House of Panthers is a Fallen House, distinguishable by their Mulberry Cloaks and armors. Headed by their Kell, Zaceriks, Panthers are shown as fast and exceptional hunters.


The Wolf Triplets[edit]

In the domains of the House of Wolves, there lies a few Eliksni, Eliksni siblings that were born in the House of Wolves just to be exiled and basically being used for Slaves in combat for their ancestors' doings. Each day being put in missions that were guaranteed to get them killed but thy always find a way to survive. These Eliksni were Vamoriss a strong and adventurous woman, Kesteraks a smart yet crazy Eliksni, and Zaceriks a kind and confident fellow. They made many plans during their missions but they have made their biggest plan yet, these siblings were planning to escape. Their first part of their plan was to find more people to join their Rebellion against the House of Wolves, their attempt was in the European Dead Zone where first they killed the Captains, then they announced the rebellion to the rest of the Eliksni, most of them followed along, but some of them didn't and they were also killed.

"This could be a start to a new age, a new age where we could thrive and not be treated as slaves"
— Zaceriks

the Vandals and Dregs looked at Zaceriks with either hope, or disbelief, the House of Wolves was a strong house so the other Eliksni started to wonder how they will accomplish this, luckily the siblings knew exactly what to do. Their next part of their plan was to form positions for the Eliksni, most Eliksni were used for combat and others were used for surveillance. And their final step of the plan was to commence the rebellions first attack. Even though they were a small group, they were able to do lots of damage to the House of Wolves and was able to take over the House of Wolves and was able to raid other House of Wolves bases. But their rebellion would soon come to an end when a brutish Captain known as Beveriks and his gang was on their trail and the rebellion would soon learn that Beveriks is a dangerous foe,

"So this is the rebellion? Just a few people that are being led by exiles"
— Beveriks

Beveriks charged at Zaceriks and barely misses, and Vamoriss gets the chance to strike Beveriks, Kesteraks tried to attack but was stopped by Telakriss a mistreated member of Beveriks's group, as Beveriks and his other group members attack the Zaceriks, Vamoriss, and the rest of rebels while Kesteraks has a battle, Telakriss attempts to blast Kesteraks while tries to Kesteraks, but Beveriks, Vamoriss, and Zaceriks, it's two versus one, Beveriks slashes his blades around but unfortunately the two were quick to react, that was until Beveriks slashes Zaceriks in the chest. With Vamoriss obviously being furious about this she charges at Beveriks and starts to stab Beveriks in the back but and quickly jumps off. But with Kesteraks and Telakriss is a lot different, as Telakriss tries to kill Kesteraks, Kesteraks tries to convince to join them, Telakriss pushes Kesteraks to the ground aiming the gun at him. As Telakriss is pointing the gun, Beveriks stops and looks at Telakriss finally amused by Telakriss's doings

"Maybe you aren't as useless as I thought Telakriss, kill him"
— Beveriks

Telakriss is about to fire until

"You don't need to follow under him anymore, will killing me really change anything. Please join us"
— Kesteraks

Telakriss then took a moment to think and decided to stop and join the rebels, a member of Beveriks's group lunged at Telakriss but got his head blown off by Kesteraks. After Vamoriss knocked down Beveriks, she took Zaceriks and retreated to the ship and the rest of the rebels followed and Telakriss became a new member of the rebellion. This counted as a win for the rebels.

New Beginnings[edit]

After the rebellion's raid and achieving more members, the rebels decided that it was time to become their own house and made Zaceriks their new Kell. Vamoriss and Kesteraks were the first members of the Amythest Council and Telakriss was made Zaceriks's Advisor. Since Zaceriks was technically just thrown into this Kell stuff, he had his people vote for a name for this new house. And the name that the house came up with was the "House of Panthers" This was a new life for Zaceriks and his people, a new way to live, a new house, a new beginning.

The Howling Night[edit]

As the House of Panthers begin to rise, they begin to run into casualties as the House of Wolves attack the House of Panthers as an attempt to enslave them, though all the attacks from the House of Wolves were unsuccessful. As the House of Panthers gain more members, they become more stronger and more resilient with each kill they make being an example of their strength. But as the night falls in Europa a Brutish Fallen appears in the icy blizzard, Beveriks and his Crew emerges from the snow and attacked a Panther. Outpost. Beveriks and his Crew unleashed a full-on large-scale attack on the outpost, Beveriks and His Crew would have destroyed the entire outpost until Vamoriss and a group of Panthers came to the outpost in a attempt to stop Beveriks. Vamoriss and the group was successful, but since Beveriks failed the House of Wolves once again, the Kell of Wolves gave him one last chance to find a way to stop the House of Panthers or else he'll get outcast from the House of Wolves.

Battle Cats[edit]

With under constant threat of being attacked by the Wolves, they were forced to quickly advance their House. Their weapons and armor were juristically upgraded to support more combat, their outposts, bases, and homes became heavily guarded by Panther soldiers, and they began to expand throughout the entire System claiming Titan and even Deimos and some parts of Mars. Though as the Panthers grow more advance, the Wolves lurked around the Solar System planning their next attack. After a while, the Panthers thought the Wolves left them alone, until the day a wolf Ketch appeared above Deimos and invaded the planet with the intent to capture or kill any Panther they see...

The Revolutionary War[edit]

At the dead of the night, the Wolves invaded the Panther's territory in Titan leading to a harsh and hellish battle that resulted in multiple casualties on both sides, a battle that caused so many lost to the Panthers that only two emotions which were sadness and pure anger. Enough was enough, and the Panthers decided to return the fire by counter-attacking the European Dead Zone. This idea led to a lot of controversy within the House, with some people thinking that such an act was too tyrannical, but the people craved vengeance for their lost and the plan was set in motion.

As the Wolves sat there planning their next moves, The Panthers staged an attack on the Winding Cove invading many Wolf territory there, while also making sure to not harm any innocent Eliksni. And due to the Wolves being highly unprepared, this turned out to be a massive win to the Panthers and the territory was taken over.

This event angered the Kell of Wolves and sent Beveriks and his Crew to raid a Panther village in Deimos which Beveriks willingly agreed on considering he wanted to redeem himself and get revenge on the Panthers for embarrassing him. But this raid would just turn out as an even bigger embarrassment for him, considering the Panthers easily ambushed Beveriks and his Crew, having only Beveriks and 4 others to escape with their lives. The Wolf Kell obviously was beyond upset and decided to banish Beveriks and his Crew.

The Wolves decided to make an attempt to reclaim their territory by raiding it and taking it back by force, though upon invasion they were met with immediate fire from the Panthers. Though the Wolves were just as determined as the Panthers and were able to push into the village, though the residents of the village were far from kindly as they were starting to like their new enforcers. Though that didn’t stop the Wolves from continuing their raid, but after 2 months the Panthers were able push the Wolves back out of the Winding Cove.

After the failure to recapture Winding Cove, the Wolves decided to launch another invasion on the Panther city in Europa. A battle that would be remembered as the biggest and bloodiest battle of the war, as not only the temperature greatly affected both sides but also they both were running out of resources due to the war. The Wolves first started their invasion on the northeast side of the territory, able to catch the Panthers off guard and push into the city but reinforcements from the Panthers quickly came in and started defending the city as much as they can. Though the Wolves decided to place their troops in the south to circle the Panthers. Buildings burning, bullets firing, as many soldiers and innocent civilians fall to the ground bleeding from their wounds. It seemed that this was a loss for the Panthers until Telakriss showed up with reinforcements and launched a counter-offensive on the Wolves quickly pushing them out of the city. Though it didn’t stop there, the Panthers decided to push the Wolves out of Europa completely and with the Wolves' supplies being highly scarce they had nothing else to really do. And with that, the Wolves fled suffering another colossal failure.

Prior to the battle, the Wolves were starving and running out of battle and quickly realized that this wasn’t gonna work out and ultimately surrendered and declared peace with the Panthers. The Wolves were forced to pay the Panthers with a lot of resources such as weapons, food, and Ether and were also forced to trade one of their territories in The Reef in return for Winding Cove. The war and the chaos finally over, and the House of Panther have won once and for all.

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