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Fishing Pond


European Dead Zone
Court of Savathûn


Fish are shoaling near the shores. Grab some Bait, and use your Fishing Tackle to reel them in.


Fishing Ponds are a type of constant Public Event added with Season of the Deep. In order to catch some rare fish, Guardians have been outfitted with Fishing Tackles and Bait crafted by themselves, and sent to ponds across the Sol System where fish are shoaling.


In order to participate in Fishing, players must first acquire a Fishing Tackle from Suraya Hawthorne. This allows them to collect and store Bait, which can be found by completing other activities, collecting resources, and collecting Alkane in Deep Dives. At this point, they can go to one of the designated fishing areas, which will be in the Outskirts in the European Dead Zone, in The Cistern on Nessus, and in the Miasma in the Court of Savathûn. Once at the pond, one simply needs to stand on its edge to be prompted to cast their tackle.

Once the tackle is cast, a player must stay alert, as a fish will bite at randomized amounts of time. If the player presses "interact" fast enough, they will perform a Perfect Catch, which will reel in rarer and larger fish. Missing the timing a little will execute a normal catch. Missing by too much will return an Empty Hook. Each cast uses one Bait, and fish caught will fall on the ground in the area, making is so players must walk over them to collect them. Fish vary in Rarity from Uncommon to Exotic, and collecting Legendary or rarer fish will raise the communal Focused Fishing bar, which will cause rarer fish to appear more frequently.

When another Public Event starts, the Fishing Pond will disappear, and it will reappear a few seconds after the Public Event is over.

List of Fish[edit]


  • At Least It’s a Carp
  • Hadrian Koi
  • Cydonian Cichlid
  • Minueting Mackerel


  • Aachen Cichlid
  • Agronatlantic Salmon
  • Allegrian Jack
  • Azimuth Angelfish
  • Chiron’s Carp
  • Cuboid Cod
  • Cup Bearer Catfish
  • Golden Trevallyhoo
  • Gusevian Gar
  • Hardcase Haddock
  • Koi Cirrus
  • Lamian Lobster
  • Madrugadan Mackerel
  • Traxian Toad


  • Cod Duello
  • No Turning Jack
  • Salvagers Salmon
  • Servant Lobster
  • Temptation’s Haddock
  • Deafening Whisker
  • Drangelfish (Baroque)
  • Galliard Trevally
  • Gnawing Hun Gar
  • Ignition Toad


  • Aeonian Alpha-Betta
  • Kheprian Axehead
  • Whispering Mothcarp
  • Vexing Placoderm


  • All Legendary Fish names are based on Legendary Weapons, Such as the Gnawing Hun Gar (Gnawing Hunger), and the Drangelfish (Drang)

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