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We are afraid. We fear that our enemies have sent us to this place to die in the dark, far from the eyes of Calus's adoring public.

Tlazat was a scribe and royal historian in service of Emperor Calus. He was entrusted with writing the Chronicon alongside fellow Scribes Shagac and Ixolt, but was eventually executed for his lack of faith in Calus.


Following the Midnight Coup, Tlazat and many other Loyalists of Emperor Calus were forced to join him in exile aboard The Leviathan and were sentenced to be taken to the edge of the galaxy. At some point in this voyage, Tlazat was appointed by Calus to work with Scribe Shagac as royal historian and record a "true" history of the Cabal from the perspective of Calus. This tome, known as the Chronicon, was to be a "beacon of truth" to combat the lies of Dominus Ghaul and his fellow conspirators. Tlazat wrote the first entry of the Chronicon, which depicted a speech given by Calus upon his exile, in which the Emperor supposedly declared a new age in history was beginning that would be defined by his golden knowledge which he would share with only the worthy.[1]

In the five-hundred and seventy-fifth entry, Tlazat recorded a violent malfunction in The Leviathan's engines that resulted in the massive vessel being flung to an unknown point in space and severely damaged its systems. Tlazat and the rest of the crew were left in darkness as the engineers and pilots worked to repair the vessel, eventually gathering around Calus to seek his guidance. However, Calus wished only to don a spacesuit and venture out of the ship alone to see their place of banishment. After Calus did so, the ship began being lashed by violent tremors by an unknown force which rendered many of the other crewmembers unconscious over the next two hours. Continuing to record in the Chronicon, Tlazat began writing about the events in real time and stopped utilizing the typical exaggerations he and the other scribes used to write the text. Tlazat sought out Zhozon, the Emperor's closest confidant, and learned from his fellow Psion that he was feeling a mounting pressure in his brain, an ailment that had caused twelve others to begin bleeding from their ears. Tlazat was affected as well, becoming unable to write physically any longer and using his mind to do so instead. He feared that Ghaul had not in fact sent them to exile but instead to die at the edge of space where the citizens of the Cabal Empire could not see and was sure that Calus had already perished outside The Leviathan.[2]

Twelve hours after Calus departed The Leviathan, the exiled emperor returned and declared that he had seen the end of everything and been made the herald of death. Their only pursuit from then on would be joy, freedom, and pursuing pleasure for its own sake before the end came. Tlazat and the Councillors encouraged the Emperor to rest after his ordeal in the hopes he would come back to his senses. Concerned by Calus's erratic behaviour and suspecting he was suffering from hallucinations, Tlazat learned from one of the royal mechanics that there was a malfunction in the pressure suit Calus had been wearing, although it was also unlikely that Calus could have survived in the conditions outside the ship for so long. Speaking with Zhozon once more, Tlazat learned more about the visions Calus supposedly had and recorded his fellow scribe's recounting of the Emperor's words within the Chronicon.[3]

Tlazat became increasingly opposed to Calus's new direction, although he soon became the lone voice of dissent against the Emperor. He spoke out against the edict to transform the entirety of The Leviathan into a pleasure palace and regarded the recruitment of Shadows from the Clipse, Sindû, and Arkborn as Calus recruiting tools for his own personal aims and not in the service of a greater cosmic need as he claimed. Tlazat recorded his opposition and doubts into the Chronicon, which was eventually discovered by the rest of the Loyalists. Accused of treason for doubting the truth of Calus's Great Revelation, Tlazat was sentenced to death and replaced as the lead royal historian by Shagac and Scribe Ixolt, who altered his additions to the Chronicon to align with Calus's vision.[4]

Though officially undocumented, Tlazat would be executed for treason by feeding him to Loyalist War Beasts. Many years later, when the Leviathan returned after entering an anomaly where Mercury had once been, a Nightmare of Tlazat would be found lurking in the Pleasure Gardens.

Personality and traits[edit]

"I, Tlazat, must break the convention of our record-keeping for fear that this entry may be the last of the Chronicon, Lens of Truth, Compendium of Happiness, Symbol of the Lavish Benevolence of His Majesty the Emperor."
— Tlazat breaks the formal styling of the Chronicon out of fear

Initially one of Emperor Calus's most loyal scribes, Tlazat began recording the Chronicon in a very formal style,[1] which he only broke once he came to believe that the Loyalists would perish during their encounter with an unidentified force at the edge of space.[2] Following that encounter Tlazat came to doubt in his Emperor due to the increasingly erratic behavior he observed in him.[3] Tlazat recorded these doubts within the Chronicon itself, which eventually led to his death for treason at the hands of the other Loyalists.[4]

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