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"Outside the ship, the Emperor looked over the edge of the universe, and saw nothing. That is, it wasn't that he saw nothing unusual, but he saw Nothing: the absence of light, dark, life, death, the absence of anything, even of absence itself."
— Zhozon, recounting what Calus told him of his encounter with the Darkness

Zhozon is a Psion advisor who serves Emperor Calus aboard the Leviathan, having been exiled alongside the former ruler of the Cabal empire by Dominus Ghaul. During the early stages of their exile, Zhozon became Calus' dearest and closest confidant.


When the Leviathan encountered a mysterious anomaly at the edge of the galaxy along the pre-programed course set by Dominus Ghaul's co-conspirators, Zhozon was one of the few Psion advisors aboard the vessel who was not knocked unconscious by the violent tremors that shook the ship, although he was injured and complained of a mounting pressure in his skull. He and the rest of the crew were left terrified when Calus left the Leviathan in a pressure suit to confront the place of their exile in private.[1] When Calus returned to the Leviathan, Zhozon and the other Loyalists were stunned by his changed behavior, as he declared that he had seen the end of everything and had been chosen as its herald. Zhozon and the other advisors suggested that Calus rest after his ordeals and were concerned that his mind and health had been effected by his experience. At a meeting with the Scribe Tlazat, Zhozon recounted Calus' encounter with the Black Edge remarking it as a boundless nothingness from which a voice emerged speaking in a dark language and showed Calus a vision of a fleet of foreign ships that would destroy all worlds and peoples of the universe until nothing remained.[2]

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