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Imperial Guard
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Imperial Cabal variants of Blood Guard.
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Imperial Cabal


Royal Guard of the Imperial Crown




800 lbs.

Combat information


Slug Rifle


Imperial Guard are an Imperial Cabal variant of the Blood Guard Centurion. They serve as Royal Guard and most often accompany Empress Caiatl as her personal Body Guard such as in Caiatl's proposal of an alliance to the Vanguard Commander Zavala.


Imperial Guard are seen adorning similar armor to that of Blood Guard Centurions with some exceptions. Imperial Guard do not wear the scale sleeving of Blood Guard nor have the extendable wrist sword leaving their arms bare. Their sashes are chainlink chrome scale instead of cloth and wear predominantly cyan armor with light grey Imperial markings and Caiatl's sigil emblazoned on their chestpiece.

Imperial Guards demonstrate the role of a Praetorian Guard, immediately closing gaps between the Empress and serving as living shields whenever danger presents itself. A group of four escort and serve the Empress during her negotiations with Commander Zavala and Osiris. Two more Imperial Guards are seen again during the treaty that ended the Clash of the Chosen when Valir and Qalec attempted the assassination of Zavala under Yirix's orders working in the name of Amtec.



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