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"Once sources of life, Light. Hope. Now a sign of decay. Machines as gods"
— Grimoire for the Wolves of Mars
Prime Servitor
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House of Devils
House of Dusk
House of Winter
House of Wolves
Devil Splicers
Kell's Scourge
House of Salvation

House of Lions
House of Time
House of Storm
The Jackal Syndicate
Dragon's Breath
Dusk Splicers
House of Scorpions
House of Hunters
Blacklight Syndicate
House of Onyx
The Hibachi's Sting
House of Sharks
House of Arthropods
House of Shadow
House of Ice
House of Swords
House of Forgotten
House of Shadows
Second House of Reborn Wolves
House of the Divine Torch


Machine Gods
Reserve Heavy Infantry (temporary)


The False Prime
Return of Prime
Asylum of Screams
Takedown under the Vipers' Lair
Torch Unbound

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Servitor Eye


Servitor Melee
High Durability
Midair Levitation
Summon Fallen


Prime Servitors are machine gods of the Fallen Houses. They are the ones, who produce the main Ether supply to their respective Houses, as well as making Servitors, to help extend the Ether supply. Kells are able to control their Houses' Primes and Servitors to produce how much Ether can be made, through the use of Elder Ciphers.

Known Primes[edit]

Fanfic Primes[edit]

  • House of Ice
    • Zydriks Prime - Prime Servitor of the House of Ice, modified to corrupt the air around it on command.
    • Kildon Prime - Prime Servitor of an unknown House, usurped by the House of Ice.
  • Blacklight Syndicate
    • Unnamed Prime Servitor - A Massive Prime Servitor and main source of Ether for the Blacklight Syndicate. Presumed destroyed by Darumel.
    • Kalkis Prime, Overseer - Prime Servitor from the assimilated House of Daggers, oversees the Syndicate's weapons production.
    • Shasis Prime - Prime Servitor from the assimilated House of Hyenas. Destroyed long before the indoctrination of the House.
    • Teneks Prime - Prime Servitor from the assimilated House of Snow. Status unknown.
  • House of Shadow
    • Shimi, Prime Servitor - Prime Servitor of the Fallen House of Shadow.
    • Shada-1, Sub Prime - Secondary Prime Servitor of the House of Shadow.