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Deksis Prime
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House of Devils
House of Dusk




Prime Servitor

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The Devils' Lair (Will think of a better name for it soon)


Servitor Eye


Servitor Melee
Midair Levitation
High Durability
Summon Fallen
Unyielding Servitor Bond


Deksis Prime is a Prime Servitor within the Fallen House of Devils, that is seen in the Strike, The Devils' Lair.


After the destruction of the Devil Splicers, many of the House of Devils would abandon their hideouts to follow Craask in his creation of the House of Dusk, presumably ending the Devils forever. Although after Eramis's breakout, her failed attempt to rebuild the Devils and her creation of the House of Salvation, Fallen defectors of Dusk would abandon them to flee over to the Cosmodrome to form a foothold and calling themselves Devils once again. They would reclaim the Devils' Lair, their former Hideout and den of the late Sepiks Prime, and would build themselves a Prime Servitor called "Deksis Prime" out of remains of destroyed Servitors part and machinery the Devils would scavenged.

Finalizing the leadership the Devils and would began strengthening their grip across the Cosmodrome and forming a Deksis line of Servitors in a similar fashion to Sepiks, one of these Deksis Servitors would be Deksis-5, whom took hold of the Exodus Garden 2A and used it to produce Walkers. The Devils would also send in S.A.B.E.R.-0.7 to take over the Seraphim Vault across the Forgotten Shore to claim whatever tech that could be of use after the deactivation of Rasputin and employ a Reaver Vandal to keep their grip over the Forgotten Shore to help S.A.B.E.R-0.7 in getting into the Seraphim Vault. Later the Devils would come into contact with the House of Salvation and assisted them with their own Walkers before being thwarted by The Guardian. Eramis would also have a minor control of the Devils before her defeat.

However, after the rise of a new Guardian within the Cosmodrome and the defeat of Navôta, Eir Spawn, Deksis would be targeted by the Vanguard and would be ordered by Shaw Han to eliminate the Servitor to keep the Devils from growing more stronger. A Fireteam would be dispatched over to the Rocketyard to find the Servitor. They would later encounter the Fallen defending the Hive for the Refinery, and would encounter Etraks, a Captain guarding the security mesh that barred the way to The Blast. Etraks would be later killed and the mesh layer would be deactivated and push further until the Fireteam would be intercepted by a Salvaged Walker protecting the entrance to the Devils' Lair, as well as two Brigs that were surprisingly help assisting the Walker, indicating the first ever time a Brig of a different banner and seen outside Europa. However the security would be destroyed as the Team would push on into the House of Devils' hideout, and would discover Deksis Prime, but was enveloped a immunity shield produced by three Unyielding Servitors. The Servitors would be destroyed and all of the Fallen protecting Deksis would be killed, which invoked Deksis to lower the shields and would attack the Fireteam. However, despite its strong abilities, Unyielding Servitor shielding and incoming Fallen soldiers, The Servitor would be destroyed, ending the leadership that the Devils needed to be stable.


Encountering Deksis Prime, it will be shielded by three Unyielding Servitors and protected by Fallen worshipers. Upon destroying the Servitors and Fallen zealots, Deksis will deactivate its Shielding and will fire at the players with its Servitor Eye, teleport around the boss room to evade enemy fire and if the player gets too close, Deksis will use its Servitor Attack ability to either drain the player’s health to kill them or to make them get away from the Servitor, and can call Fallen backup to help Deksis. But when draining thirds of its health, Deksis will teleport to the center of the room and summon 4 Unyielding Servitors to help shield it, and if those Servitors are not taken out, they can slowly, but surely, regenerate Deksis' health, so the player must destroy the Servitors to take out Deksis Prime's shielding and stop the regeneration. As Deksis's health goes down, the Prime will begin to utilize other abilities, such as trapping players in a Void bubble like that of Niruul, the Hollow Voice, but can be taken out easily; teleport more sporadically to defend itself, fire its eye more rapidly and can drop Shock Grenades. But you must keep attacking Deksis until it is destroyed or the whole Fireteam is killed.

In The Ordeal version, two Barrier Servitors will replace the four Unyielding Servitors and will move around the room rather than staying close by to Deksis. Deksis will also start to fire Void energy bolts (similar to Cyclopses when they are in the confused state) and can move around the boss room when it is shielded and can fire its eye if they are far away from the players.


  • Deksis Prime bears a resemblance to Sepiks Prime, being that they are large Servitors with spikes. This could be because Deksis Prime was built out of a few parts from Sepiks itself.


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