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"Compared to this thing, I prefer Sepiks."
— Ghost
Krelix Prime
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House of Scorpions




Prime Servitor



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Poison Chamber


Scorpion Blast
Scorpion Turret
Decay Grenades
Poison Web Mines


High Durability
Midair Flight
Void Shield
Shield Drain
Poison Gas
Summon Fallen


Krelix Prime is the Prime Servitor of the House of Scorpions as well as the protector of their weapons and ether supplies.


"This is no Prime! Its an abomination! KILL IT DEAD, GUARDIAN!"
Variks, the Loyal

Normally among the Fallen, its considered heresy to tamper with the Prime Servitors supply of lesser Servitors and ether but the Scorpions see opportunity. Using various and deadly chemicals, the Scorpions altered their Primes supply of ether, creating different variants that enhance the Fallens physical capabilities but that doesn't mean it hasn't affected the Prime Servitor. Krelix Prime has since become erratic and dangerous, if not for the Scorpion's Archon, Krelix would have gone out of control and attacked anything in sight. Regardless, Krelix's new state has led to the development of new chemical-variants of ether and poisoned servitors for the Scorpions to use.

The Scorpions have noticed their increased dependency on their Prime Servitor and therefore have doubled all their defenses of it. Even the Scorpion's Archon is ordered to rarely leave its side. They know the fate of the other Prime Servitors of the Devils, Winter and Wolves and like their other tactics, they will not make the same mistake and lose their Prime Servitor. For now, Krelix Prime lurks in the Poison Chamber, being tended to by the Archon and defending some of the Scorpions most powerful chemical weapons.


Krelix is the second boss of the Poison Chamber Raid. It is equipped with multiple weapon systems and offers a couple of other things no other Prime Servitor has.

Weapon Systems[edit]

Not only does Krelix come standard with the directed energy weapon of a Scorpion Servitor, but it is also equipped with turrets, Decay Grenades, and Poison Web Mines. It will rotate these weapons quite often, so be prepared to see which one it will use. However, after reducing Krelix's health to 75%, most these weapons will be offline and Krelix will only its energy weapon but it will have a higher rate of fire than normally.

Toxic Gaze[edit]

Krelix has a degree of telekinesis. If its eye locks onto a target, under the warning "Krelix's Sight is upon you", then Krelix will drag the player into its grasp and slowly drain the players health. The way to get released from Krelix is to continuously shoot at its eye and apply enough damage to release you. Krelix will not target the same enemy twice in a row but will actively hunt every party member.

Poison Gas[edit]

After its Void shield has been shut down, the damage phase will begin. Afterwards, it will release chambers that hold a poison that causes a blackout. This poison will flood the room for 30 seconds and unless the party team reaches a high enough position or a safe zone, then the gas will reduce the players health to critical levels. The high grounds may protect the player from the gas but it makes them nearly an easy target for Krelix.

Weapons Online[edit]

After reducing Krelix's health below 25% then Krelix will activate some of the chemical weapons its been guarding. Among them are SIVA-like Turrets that fire Solar rockets, an Arc-powered field that chips away at the parties shields and a Void Super-cannon that could deliver a instant kill if it gets a clear lock on a player. These weapons can be temporally disabled individually for about 1 minute by throwing the chemical bombs littered around the area.