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Iron War Beast
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The Iron War Beasts are a recently-formed Imperial Cabal fracture, under the leadership of the Guardian Valus Saladin Forge. The soldiers have been trained with the values of the Iron Lords, and the unit shows a certain degree of autonomy, even possessing the unique rank of Iron War Boss.


When Saladin Forge was inducted in Empress Caiatl's council as representative of Humanity, a number of Imperial Cabal rankers voiced their dissent, and challenged him to the Rite of Proving. This had the secondary effect of letting Saladin gain his opponent's ranks, other than the Cabal's respect, and as a Valus, he was entitled to troops of his own. He began training his soldiers with exercises similar to the Iron Banner, and they started calling themselves Iron War Beasts.

This unit would even attract veterans from other Imperial Cabal branches, such as Bracus Reghusk, who Saladin directed in many theaters of the Sol System, like the besieged Iron Temple.[1] The Iron War Beasts were mobilized in full force during the Skirmish of Titan, where they conducted sweeps over the New Pacific Arcology. The Guardian would encounter regular Iron War Beast troops led by Tuk'rin, Iron War Boss during the rescue mission to recover Ahsa from captivity.

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