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Season of the Black Swordsman

Start date:

September 6th, 2022

End date:

December 6th, 2022



Previous season:

Season of [REDACTED]

Next season:

Season of the Corruption


"The Darkness may have been destroyed, but the battle is far from over."
Ikora Rey

Season of the Black Swordsman is the twentieth season of Destiny 2 and the flagship season of the Paradox expansion, occurring from September 6th, 2022 till December 6th, 2022. It revolves around the union of the Light and Darkness to the Solar System and the rise of a new Fallen house.



"Entire planets have rallied and helped you fight back against the Darkness and end the Apocalypse. The Shadowkeepers may have been defeated, but in the chaos that follows, Arveks, the Fallen Kell of Rogues, boldly moves to seize power, and this time, he and his Fallen army have teamed up with Taox, the Traitor Mother of Oryx, Savathûn, and Xivu Arath, and her armies of Helium Drinkers and Heliumborn to lead an onslaught from within the outskirts of the Town of Beginnings, seeking to lay waste to the Cosmodrome. If left unchecked, they threaten a solar system already in turmoil. While investigating the growing threat, Ikora Rey finds herself in need of help. Fortunately, new – and yet familiar – allies known as Kazuto, Stacia, and the Crow join you in the rescue..."[1]


Fallen shrines are appearing throughout the system. Koriks and both the House of Flame and Nightcore Syndicate have sensed the effects of this great disturbance and want to help you bring an end to Arveks's siege against Earth. Work with them and Eris Morn to build a device that will draw Arveks's lieutenants out of hiding. Once constructed, upgrade your Necklace, snare your prey, and challenge the Fallen usurper.


  • New Story missions
  • New Public Event: Trials of the Elders
  • New Dungeon: Apocalypse - The demonic fragments of Amaterasu's wrath are approaching, and you must venture wherever answers lie. Enter the realm of the IX – a dimension where the rules of your world no longer exist. Face hordes of her Taken army and manipulate reality to solve intricate puzzles. What was once above is now below. And what was once Light is now Dark.
  • Reprised Crucible Activity: Trials of the Nine - The IX seeks Guardians with flawless execution and incomparable teamwork. Is the challenge of a perfect victory too daunting or does your fireteam have the edge to reign? Exclusive rewards await those who never lose.
  • New Raid: Ascent of Kings - "The Dusk Kings have taken residence high in the sky above the mountains next to the Tangled Shore in their super-sized Ketch and wish to eliminate the Guardians and attempt to take control of the Dreaming City. You must go to the heart of this ketch and take out the Kell of Kings."
  • Reprised Raid: Deep Stone Crypt
  • New Container: Necklace of Phantoms - "While Mal's jewel turned her evil, from a bloodlust for chaos and revenge, whoever held it had control over her. But not for long... not while I still stand. As per Nagihiko's request, I hope this gives you full control over its powers." —Koriks, Kell of Flame
  • New Social Space: Kellbreaker - "A ketch located aboard an abandoned lair of the House of Stone now rebuilt during the end of the Shadowkeepers Apocalypse as a refuge for Guardians, Fallen allies, and non-Guardians alike, on the outskirts of Europa."
  • New Exotic weapons
  • New Seasonal armor sets and weapons
    • Armor Set: Aincrad Vengeance
    • Weapons: Legendary Arc Memory Heart Pulse Rifle, Legendary Kinetic Crossing Field Combat Bow, and Exotic Void Elucidator's Rosario Sword
  • New End-of-Season Special Event


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  • This Season will kick off the release of Paradox.