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Royal Beast
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The Royal Beasts were predatory animals that inhabited the Cabal Emperor Calus's Pleasure Gardens aboard the Leviathan, and appeared exclusively in the aforementioned Raid.[1]


The Royal Beasts were the protectors of the Pleasure Gardens, and would seek out any intruders. Should they spot a Guardian, they would have all unleashed a psionic howl that would kill all players that have not found the safe room. Six Royal Beasts would prowl the Pleasure Gardens during the normal version of the raid. In the Prestige version, that total was raised to eight with the addition of Gra'ask and Za'ahn.

Known Royal Beasts[edit]

  • Aru'un
  • B'ael
  • Gra'ask
  • M'orn
  • Ta'aurc
  • Tho'ourg
  • Va'ase
  • Za'ahn



  • Most, if not all, of the Royal Beasts appeared to have been named after an individual in the Cabal military (or vice versa): Val Aru'un, Valus Ta'aurc, and Bracus Tho'ourg all shared their names with a Royal Beast. Following this pattern, Gra'ask and Za'ahn may be named after Grask (a Phalanx who became the Taken Grask, the Consumed), and Bracus Zahn. If this is correct, there may be significance to the dropped apostrophes in Grask and Zahn's names.

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