Xûr's Wellkeeper

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This article is about the Knights in Dares of Eternity. For the Knights in Ghosts of the Deep, see Wellkeeper Knight.
Xûr's Wellkeeper
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Dares of Eternity

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ArcS.png Boomer


High Durability
Rapid Movement
KineticS.png Fist of Darkness
Generate Well


Xûr's Wellkeepers are a group of giant Ultra Hive Knights employed by Xûr in the Dares of Eternity.[1]


Xûr's Wellkeepers appear in the Valley and in the Vault, if the Hive are selected as foes. They look like normal giant Knights, but are highlighed by a glow. Three will teleport from portals in several set points of the arena, and begin fighting the players. Once one is slain, it will leave behind a Well. Entering the Well will give the player a Ruinous Resonance buff for ten seconds, which will allow them to damage the crystals scattered around the arena. The Wellkeepers also appear during the fight with the Paraversal Challenger, where their Wells are used to gain the ability to damage the boss' shield.

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