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Fanatic of the Sword Logic


"…Why do you linger, Luzaku? What is there to learn with your eyes that you will not learn with your fist? Do you not wish to be something real? Something that lasts forever?"
— Euloch to their Lightbearer, Luzaku

Euloch is the Ghost who resurrected and partnered with the Hive Lightbearer, Luzaku.


Euloch resurrected the deceased Luzaku not long after they had fallen to a Guardian, imploring their newfound partner to slay him and gain power through the Sword Logic like the "heretic" had done. After successfully killing him twice, the Lightbearer managed to snatch up their adversaries Ghost in their fist. Euloch, praising their ally for their victory, told them to crush and become stronger from doing so. Luzaku, however, was hesitant to go through it, prompting their partner scold their curiosity and insist on destroying it. Despite this, the Hive Lightbearer let the Ghost go free. Infuriated, Euloch criticized them for their foolishness and failure to follow through with killing it, saying that its Guardian would come back to kill them.[1]

Personality and Traits[edit]

Euloch is an avid and fanatical follower of the Sword Logic and its principles. This fanaticism is put on full display from the moment they resurrect Luzaku, telling them to "take back the logic" the Guardian had won from killing them, up to when they chastise their Lightbearer and insist that they crush the enemy Ghost, stating that—as Hive—their "understanding comes in vanquishing the thing." Euloch also seems to be well-versed in the history and religion of the Hive, comparing the dead Guardian's broken body to the Gift Mast and frequently using the exultation 'Aiat.'