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Specter is a Ghost of the Lucent Brood[1].


A few days after the rising of the Brood, Specter and his Lightbearer Nabenki were tasked with investigating a series of Thrall murders. Their first murder investigation would reveal the Thrall's killer as its own superior, the Lightbearer Urukthalyn, whose Ghost found traces of Light in the subordinate, and had him executed for theft. Over the following day, the pair would encounter more murders following the same pattern, and begin suspecting infiltration from Humans or Fallen.

They would then analyze several Thralls before finding a living one with traces of Light, identified as POI-7. Nabenki interrogated it using standard Hive techniques, and extracted a confession of theft. Specter was suspicious of the veridicity of the confession however, and Nabenki reluctantly allowed the Ghost to speak with the subject. The Thrall would admit to the Ghost that he fabricated his confession to end the "visceral" interrogation of the Knight, and had no idea of where the Light in his system came from, just that his symbiote was sated by it. The Ghost asked Nabenki to explain the system of tithing to him, and noted that Light was executing a "negative pressure" into it. He would file a report about the investigation to their commander, with the conclusion that there was no theft, and traces of Light were spontaneously trickling down towards the lower classes of the Hive.

The following morning, Specter found himself acknowledged with eye contact by Nabenki, and wondered if the Knight had fallen ill. Still, he suggested the execution of the investigated Thrall for perjury.