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The Rising Shadow

Call to the Past
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Destiny 2





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Cosmodrome, Old Russia, Earth


Track down a familiar signal coming from the Cosmodrome.

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"Investigate a strange signal pinpointed at the Cosmodrome."
— In-game Description

Call to the Past is the first mission of the Paradox Campaign and the [???] Story Mission of Destiny 2. The Guardian is tasked by Ikora Rey to track a signal coming from the Cosmodrome and uncover it before someone or something else finds it first.


  • Traverse through the Cosmodrome
  • Track the Signal
  • Investigate the Disturbance
  • Face off the Fallen
  • Rendezvous with Eris Morn
  • Trace the True Source of the Disturbance
  • Invade the Lair
  • Survive the Shadows' Wrath
  • Escape the Shadows
  • Exit the Devils' Lair













The screen was black.

  • Exo Stranger: In the beginning, there was only one...a single black infinitude.

A small faint light would form in the middle of the black screen.

  • Exo Stranger: Then the infinitude found release, and finally, the darkness broke, filling it with life. With the Multiverse.

Then, it would begin to grow brighter until it exploded, causing a wave of energy would wash through the endless dark, resulting in the creations of multiple Dimensions and worlds.

  • Exo Stranger: Every existence multiplied by possibility, and spread out before space and time in infinite measure. Civilizations rose and fell, and rose again to cross realities grasping expanse. Few worlds would be locked in a challenge between two sides, good and evil, light and dark. Our world would end up in that fate as well, between the Traveler and the Pyramids.

The screen would switch to a picture of The Traveler, moving across the edge of Space and help spread light to other Planets and species, as it travels by.

  • Exo Stranger: The Light, in the form of the Traveler, would grow life and light, and would preserve it, expanding across our Dimension.

Then, the screen would fade to a picture of the Black Fleet, which would be seen lurking other planets and causing chaos and destruction to Species and life all around it.

  • Exo Stranger: And then...its opposite, the Darkness, an evil and twisted power that can destroy life and block out that Light...

It would then switch to The Traveler creating Ghosts and spreading them out far and wide to bring back the dead to become Guardians.

  • Exo Stranger: But the Light would began to fight back against the darkness by giving its power to those who were deemed worthy of such power.

The screen shifts to a series of daunting battles between the Guardians and their enemies, including the destruction of the Black Heart, the fall of Crota and Skolas, and the deaths of Oryx and Aksis.

  • Exo Stranger: But as we fought back, the darkness began to form their own champions too, and the battle between Light and Dark would commence.

The screen then shifts to another series of battles, which showcases the defeat of Dominus Ghaul, Panoptes, Xol, Riven, Siviks, and Gahlran, the emergence of the Scarlet Keep, the arrival of the Black Fleet, the fall of the House of Salvation, and the battle against Xivu Arath, God of War and Savathûn, the Witch Queen.

  • Exo Stranger: But, we would fight back against their forces and defeat their Champions.

Cut to black.

  • Exo Stranger: We were so close to defeating the Darkness...


A wave of Light crashes against the Pyramid ships, fading to Anastasia Bray witnessing the apparent destruction of Rasputin at the hands of the Pyramids followed by Variks, the Loyal on Europa, a construction of the Europan Pyramid flying toward the hill, and Osiris staring at a portal showing him a dark future on Mercury.

  • Exo Stranger: But then, in its final attempt, the Darkness reached out from beyond our world and began to call out other evils to assist the Darkness.

The screen shifts to one of the Pyramids beaming its energy onto a large Portal within its domain, reaching out across from its world to other worlds, mostly going to the villains of those worlds.

  • Exo Stranger: Until that day, the Darkness would form an army of terrors in the form of evil, ruthless warriors under its shadows, led by its heralds, including Kirito, Asuna, Eobard Thawne, Malcolm Merlyn, and a few other bastards the Darkness grabbed...

The camera fades in to the portal pouring out enemies from other Dimensions and seeing said Pyramid. As the Fallen Captain carrying the banner of an unknown House rallies its forces, the onslaught between the Ghosts of Nagasaki and the Guardians later shifts to the Iron Lords fighting against SIVA without success, Cayde-6 fighting off the Fallen with his Hand Cannon and throwing knives, a massive spherical shockwave obliterating the clustered asteroids, Oryx's own fleet, and the Awoken armada, Mal falling under the influence of the Darkness, Ikora Rey and a squad of Guardians racing through on Sparrows, and the Guardians fighting against the forces of Darkness within the hearts of the Ascendant realm and the Black Garden.

  • Exo Stranger: Ever since they came to our world, the Darkness united all of our enemies with only one goal: to annihilate the Light and bring Darkness to our world.

The screen would show the Cabal of the Shadow Legion marching into battle, Guardians riding onto their Sparrows across Venus, Kotrik using his Ultra Smash attack against other Guardians, an Exo-enhanced Human Guardian guiding her allies through a Glass Dimension, AJ igniting his Lightsaber, Eobard Thawne impaling Nora Allen, Malcolm Merlyn using his bow and firing a Darkness-empowered arrow, Sachi dropping a wounded Supergirl from the roof, Nitrix-6 preforming a Servitor Melee, a Villain Kid shrinking Carlos de Vil, Jay, Freddie Facilier, and Jane, Eris Morn encountering a hooded Phantom from within the Moon, Falgonos firing its Void Shank Turrets, and Kirito swinging his blade.

  • Exo Stranger: This is not only our story, but it is also the stories of others, including a girl who vowed to avenge the deaths of her parents and became the Dragon Queen, a young Warlock attempting to fix his mistakes, a young Lightbearer learning of her past, and two teenagers attempting to do whatever they can for the Darkness.

The screen then shows an image of The Guardian, AJ, Mal, Kirito, and Asuna through fractured glass, but would soon begin to slowly be put together, but also cracking the glass fragments as a result.

  • Exo Stranger: Not only is our world at stake, but other Dimensions are also in great danger, and they are now becoming fused together into one, but in doing so, they could possibly tear our world apart by its attempt. However...

Cut to black.

  • Exo Stranger: It could provide benefits against the Darkness and their Shadows.

Then the screen slowly fades to a large fragment of the Traveler corrupted by an unknown energy within Mars. Then it fades back to black.

  • Exo Stranger: This is your story now.


After the introduction, the screen would fade in to Zavala, AJ, and Osiris looking over at the ruins of a city from the hillside close by, while The Crow would be standing close to the group's Jumpships on standby. AJ would be looking at the ruins through the scope of a Sniper rifle.

  • Osiris: The signal ends a desolate city, but...I've never seen this location before...
  • AJ: Nope. I haven't seen this place over here. But it looks familiar... like I've seen this somewhere...
  • Zavala: Well then... I hope that your memory can lead us to the signal... Crow, stay here and watch our position. Make sure that this wasn't something that the Fallen or Cabal messed with.
  • AJ: Hey. Not all Fallen are that bad. Maybe it could be one of my friends, or their friends over here. Who knows?
  • Osiris: Or another Fallen House attempting to scavenge something to end us all.
  • AJ: Maybe, maybe... Cinnamon, keep watch if anything pops up, or if we found something for us!

AJ loads his Hand Cannon, Firebringer, and drops down from the hillside. Zavala sighs and goes to his comms.

  • Zavala: Eris... you sure this isn't some random signal?
  • Eris Morn: No... Something is off about this signal. Something is off about this city, Zavala, like something is calling out to me...
  • Zavala: As well as to AJ, Osiris, and Ikora, which reminds me...has Ikora sent The Guardian to locate the identical signal from the Cosmodrome?
  • Eris Morn: Yes, and they are on their way.
  • Zavala: Good. We'll meet you back at the H.E.L.M. once this investigation is over...
  • Eris Morn: But be careful, Zavala. This feeling is almost like the one back at the Moon...when I found that Pyramid...
  • Zavala: The Pyramids have been inactive for months. How could the Darkness still be around?
  • Eris Morn: It will always find a way, Zavala... This could be one of those ways. That's why you must be on your guard...
  • Zavala: Understood...

Zavala stops the call and looks to Osiris.

  • Zavala: Could this be another attempt from the Darkness?
  • Osiris: Maybe... maybe not... But if we are going to confirm or denounce it, we must find this signal...before anyone OR it finds us...

Zavala would walk down from the hill, followed by Osiris, as the scene would fade to black.

{Loading Screen}

  • Ikora Rey: Guardian, we've picked up a very strange signal coming from the Cosmodrome. It's one of the two signals that has been activated. We aren't sure what the cause of this is, but some of my Hidden suspect that it could have relations to the Darkness.
  • Ghost: Darkness? That's impossible. Ever since the Traveler stopped the Pyramids, not much Darkness has been sowed. Are you sure that it's the Darkness?
  • Ikora Rey: Could be... or not. All that's important is that we must find this signal before anyone else does it first.


  • Ikora: (TBA)














{End Cutscene}

{End Mission: Call to the Past}

{Opening Cutscene}

{Music plays: Eir Aoi - Shoegazer}

Kimi no kage ni fukaku
ochiru kanashimi wo
machi wo sukuu kokoro no
yami ga shihai suru sekai
kizutsuku hane
tsubasawa toki ni mi wo makase
hitori yoru no kaze ni
nabiku nure garasu

So tasty blacken

Nagareochiru risei to hoshi ni negai wo
koroshita kosei no kazu dake hito wa
otona ni naru
kinou nagashita
namida no kakera wo atsume
ikutsu mono yoru ni koi sakenda

Filthy, Beastie Lazy nights
onaji yoru wo kurikaeshi
tsuki ga hohoemi kakeru

Watashi wa toki ni hagureta rabirinsu
anata ni deau kiseki wa kanata
aitai kioku wo riroodo meiro
watashi wo mitsukete
aikotoba wa himitsu
kinjirareta asobi
futari wa hikari to kage no shirabe



Ordeal Champions (The Ordeal)



  • While this mission mainly takes place in the Cosmodrome, another location is shown only in the cutscene.
  • It is the first mission to have an opening theme song after completion.