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Asuna Yuuki
Dark Asuna.png
Biographical information

Other name(s):

Berserk Healer
Asuna, Rosario of Kazuto
Dark Asuna (by Cayde-6)




September 30, 2007






168 cm


55 kg

Hair color:

Orange-brownish chestnut (Orange)

Eye color:

Hazel (Default)
Red (Darkness)

Political and military information


Solo player (formerly)
Knights of the Blood (formerly)
Shadowkeepers (currently)



Notable info:

Member of the Shadowkeepers


Yuuki Asuna (結城 明日奈, Yūki Asuna), known as Asuna (アスナ, Asuna) in « Sword Art Online » (SAO), « ALfheim Online » (ALO), as well as « Project Alicization », where she had temporarily used the Stacia (ステイシア, Suteishia) account, is the member of the Shadowkeepers and the main antagonist of Destiny 2: Paradox.


Asuna lived a comfortable life in her large home in Setagaya with her mother, father, and her brother. She originally went to private, all-girl schools before the events of SAO.

On November 6, 2022, Asuna logged onto SAO after she borrowed her brother's NerveGear. He had acquired a copy of the game and a NerveGear through his connections but could not play the game on the opening day due to a sudden business trip. When she discovered that she and all of the players were trapped in SAO, she secluded herself inside of her rented room in the « Town of Beginnings » for two weeks before resolving to take her fate into her own hands. This led her to kill monsters at an incredible rate and level up in a quick fashion, even risking her life in the process.

During the events of Paradox, Kazuto recruited Asuna and the members of the Shadowkeepers, including Ruby Hale, Totomaru, Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash, Malcolm Merlyn/Dark Archer, Damien Darhk, Tobias Whale, Samantha Arias's alter ego "Reign," Leopold Fitz's Framework counterpart/Boshnok, Anton Ivanov/Omega, Hiram Lodge, Morgana, Yzma's son Zevon, Fikrul, Uldren Sov, Djin/Numero Uno, Sasuke Uchiha, Phoenixaro Uchihamaki, and, eventually, Kaguya Narusaka and Hendrick Yor's daughter Mal in a diabolical encounter that not only killed Mal's friends, Commander Zavala, and the other Auradonians, but also turned Auradon into a living nightmare infected by various enemy factions, including Nightmares, Fallen Splicers, Scorn, Fallen, Hive, Vex, Cabal, Reborn, and Ghoulies.

Personality and Traits[edit]

Asuna originally did not care about dying in the game before meeting Kirito. That meeting drastically changed Asuna's personality and outlook on life. She soon takes most things Kirito says to heart and looks to him for help, using him as somewhat of a lifeline.

Asuna is a kind and helpful young woman who, similarly to Kirito, cannot abandon another in trouble. She takes the game very seriously and is determined to clear it before Kirito tells her to enjoy SAO a bit. Asuna is also somewhat proud and despite her kind personality, she will not hesitate to get physical with those that challenge her authority or make fun of her abilities, such as cooking. She even challenged Kirito to a duel after an argument over how to handle a Field Boss. She is not afraid to act out on her own and will take matters into her own hands from time to time.

Asuna, in a similar manner to Kirito, is someone who can be controlled and manipulated by her emotions. This is evident during Kirito's final duel with Heathcliff on the 75th Floor, when she resisted her paralysis, jumped in front of Kirito, and took an attack that would have otherwise killed him. She also cannot handle seeing others die in front of her, such as when she recklessly attacked The Gleam Eyes after seeing the Aincrad Liberation Force players getting slaughtered.

In ALO, after being saved by Kirito, Asuna's personality had not changed a bit except that she was not as proud as she was in SAO. Her personality began to develop further still after meeting Yuuki in the events of Mother's Rosario. Seeing how Yuuki still moves forward, despite knowing her death is inevitable, Asuna takes after her and resolves to keep moving forward, no matter what happens.

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