Hoss Mk. 51

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"The weapon's true weight and heavy punch make for a valued friend when out beyond the City."
— In-game description
Hoss Mk. 51
Production overview

Rarity Class:


Weapon Type:

Hand Cannon

Required Level:


Min-Max stability:


Min-Max handling:


Min-Max magazine:

8 - 10


Ammunition type:


Rate of fire:



80 - 115

Effective range:


Service history


Guardian Vanguard


The Hoss Mk. 51 is a Rare Hand Cannon.[1]


Primary Perks[edit]

  • Kinetic Damage—this weapon causes Kinetic damage
  • Random Selection—(could be one of sixteen Perks)
    • Counterbalance—this weapon has increased stability
    • Grenadier—kills with this weapon reduce the cooldown of your grenade
    • Outlaw—precision kills with this weapon dramatically increase reload speed
    • Final Round—the last round in a magazine deals bonus damage
    • Feeding Frenzy—kills with this weapon increase reload speed for a short time
    • Luck in the Chamber—one random bullet in the magazine causes considerable bonus damage
    • Performance Bonus—kills with this weapon have the chance to grant bonus reserve ammo
    • Rangefinder—aiming this weapon increases its effective range
    • Reactive Reload—reloading this weapon after a kill grants a damage bonus for a short time
    • Spray and Play—increases the reload speed when this weapon is empty
    • Return to Sender—kills with this weapon have the chance to grant bonus ammo to the magazine
    • Who's Next?—a kill in the final round in the magazine increases reload speed
    • Zen Moment—causing damage with this weapon increases its stability
    • Hip Fire—this weapon has bonus accuracy while firing from the hip
    • Mulligan—missing a shot has a chance to return ammo directly to the magazine
    • Life Support—recovering from near death grants additional ammo briefly increases reload speed

Selectable Perk 1[edit]

  • Random Selection—(could be one of two Perks)
    • FastDraw IS—standard sight. A lightweight design, good for recoil control
    • TrueSight IS—flexible sight. Light, with good recoil control. Strong target acquisition
  • Random Selection—(could be one of two Perks)
    • SteadyHand IS—stable sight. Optimized for excellent recoil control
    • QuickDraw IS—agile sight. Lightning fast handling
  • SureShot IS—snapshot sight. Excellent handling. Superb target acquisition

Selectable Perk 2[edit]

  • Random Selection—(could be one of four Perks)
    • Extended Mag—a larger magazine
    • Hand Loaded—this weapon is effective at an extended range
    • Send It—increases range and accuracy. Harder to handle. Decreases carried ammo capacity
    • Explosive Rounds—volatile payload explodes on impact, deal a portion of the weapon's damage in an area
  • Random Selection—(could be one of five Perks)
    • Speed Reload—reload this weapon quickly
    • Snapshot—aiming this weapon incredibly fast
    • Quickdraw—this weapon can be drawn unbelievably fast
    • Lightweight—when held, this weapon grants +2 character Agility
    • Armor Piercing Rounds—these iridium-core rounds overpenetrate targets. Their mass slows down weapon handling

Upgrade Node2[edit]

  • Upgrade Damage X2—increases attack power, allowing this weapon to cause more damage

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