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Shadow Empire
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Isle of the Lost, Earth
Auradon, Earth
Japanese Dead Zone, Earth
Meridian Bay, Mars
Savathûn's Throne World, Mars


Elite Darkness empire


Supreme echelon of the Darkness


Second Collapse
Shadow Wars
Invasion of Auradon


Kirito, the Shadow Emperor
Asuna, the Shadow Empress
Tatsuyi Kirigaya, the Shadow Prince

Notable information:

Killed most of the Solar System combatants
Decimated The Last City, The Reef, and untold numbers of universes


The Shadow Empire is a massive empire consisting of Avatar champions and elite armadas of immensely powerful wielders of the Darkness in the service of Kirito, the Shadow Emperor and Asuna, the Shadow Empress. According to untold series of reports and archives, it is composed of individuals from various civilizations and untold varieties of species and backgrounds who were personally recruited by Kirito and Asuna during their rise to power, completely devoted to their leaders' beliefs, and opposes the forces of The Traveler.


Prelude to the End[edit]

"Sword Art Online was only the beginning. Soon, all living souls from every universes shall bear witness to your coming. And when they do, everything they had... everything they are... they all will be yours to command."
The Witness to Kirito

In the days immediately before the Second Collapse, The Witness tasked Kirito and Asuna with rousing the Avatars from their slumber and protecting Mallory Bertha from the united forces of The Coalition and Emperor Calus, a former Disciple who had been resurrected from death by Maleficent, so that she could open the world to the Black Fleet's assault in preparations for the fruition of the Final Shape. In spite of Vanguard Commander Zavala and Awoken Queen Mara Sov's allegiance with Calus and The Witness's "dead man's switch"-style death at the hands of the Gold Saints, the Coalition's efforts were in vain as Mallory mortally wounded Elisabeth Bray and made short work of Calus and his forces, The Reef, Shin Malphur, and Devrim Kay, giving the Black Swordsman and White Angel and their forces the opportunity to sever the European Dead Zone, Cosmodrome, Europa, and Nessus's connections with the Light, killing Clovis Bray I, Shaw Han, and Failsafe and annihilating said locations in the process.

Having become the new commander of the Black Fleet and his Superpyramid, Kirito, assisted by Asuna, launched a cataclysmic high-stakes assault on The Last City in the hopes of finally bringing an end to the Light once and for all. Despite heavy resistance from numerous Guardians, his armies succeeded in destroying the Traveler, killing Zavala, Mara Sov, Anastasia Bray, and Mithrax in the process, but not before they sacrificed their lives to buy The Guardian, Ikora Rey, and many other members of the Coalition, civilians, and Lightbearers enough time to evacuate to Tokyopolis.

Shadow Wars[edit]

During the early days of the Shadow Wars, the Shadow Empire expanded its forces and set out to conquer the multiverse and bind various universes into Aincrad, succeeding in destroying and subjugating Earth-NWO, the Snyderverse, Apokolips, and many others to Kirito's will, with the souls of all of the conquered worlds' denizens being transmutated into miniature cartoonish dolls and imprisoned in Dark Fetor chambers to be used as offerings to the Black Heart. To further his goals of multiversal vengeance, he used the Corrupted Heart of Poseidon to corrupt many of his prisoners into Avatars.


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