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"Do you know that, or do you just know?"
"Just know.
— Lady Jolder and Lady Perun
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Perun was a Hunter and field commander of the Iron Lords.[2] She was known for her skills as a strategist, and situational awareness that surpassed most Hunters.[3]


"Never fight without a plan."
— Lady Perun

Perun was one of the founding members of the Iron Lords. Along with Radegast, Saladin Forge, and Jolder, she stood up to the Warlords that were plaguing the Earth during the Dark Ages.[4] Perun served as the field commander of the group, organizing strategies to combat each Warlord. Her talent for assessing a situation proved to be extraordinary. She proved time and again her skills by predicting the actions of whatever opponent the group went against with near-perfect accuracy, and countering them.

In one instance, while she, Radegast, and Saladin were defending a town from the Warlord Segoth, she correctly guessed where he and his Pike mounted troops would come to attack them. Aware that they would take the most visible route to the town despite that it would only allow them to arrive in groups of three, the three man crew was able to fend off all of Segoth's men and force them to retreat.[5]

During the Iron Lords campaign against the Warlords, Perun was part of a group of Iron Lords who challenged the Warlord Rience. She and Radegast went to his castle and successfully negotiated a duel between Jolder and a champion of Rience's choosing. Upon returning to their ship, Perun was amused to find Jolder already preparing for battle, having predicted that Perun's plan would succeed. She informed Jolder that both Saladin and Efrideet had volunteered to be her second, and convinced her to pick Efrideet since a second would only be needed if Jolder died and Efrideet fought harder when angry. She became annoyed when Jolder handed her shield to her so she could use it to apply battle paint, but did speculate that Rience would send Melig as his champion. Jolder wished they would send two champions against her, dismissing Melig as a threat, but Perun was concerned that Rience was desperate and would try something like poison or attacking Jolder's Ghost, but Jolder merely laughed and reassured her that she could handle anything Rience was plotting.[6]

Eventually, their small team grew into a small army, and the Lords were able to depose the Warlords and gave the Earth peace. Deciding to focus on restoring civilization, the Iron lords sought out SIVA, hoping to use the technology to achieve their goal. They eventually tracked SIVA to what would be known as the Plaguelands. However, upon heading in to claim it, the intrusion inadvertently awakened Rasputin. Against Rapsutin's defenses, many Iron Lords fell. When they encountered the unstoppable SIVA constructs, the Iron Lords moved to deactivate it before it could spread out of control. Out of all of the Lords present, Perun was one of the nine to make it to the replication chamber. Along with the others, she fell to SIVA after Jolder sealed the complex with her and her allies inside.

Today, the new generations of Iron Lords can honor Perun by utilizing her artifact from Tyra Karn. Those who use it gain an ability reflecting her phenomenal instincts. In the Crucible, players can perceive their opponents in a new light. Opponents with low health are surrounded by a red aura, and those with fully charged Supers are seen in a yellow aura.


  • Several items are named after her, including:
  • Perun's statue in the Iron Temple is the only statue that shows a face, unlike the other statues which depict the Iron Lords wearing helmets.
  • Her name, Perun, references a specific Slavic deity of the same name. In Slavic Mythology, Perun is the chief god of the pantheon, the sky god that also ruled over lightning, law and war, among others. He is usually represented by weapons such as axes, hammers as well as arrows.

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