The Summoning Pits

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This article is about the strike. For the location on the Moon, see The Summoning Pits (location).


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The Summoning Pits
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Destiny, Base Game


1 - 3


Hellmouth, Moon

Destinypedia has a walkthrough guide to this level, The Summoning Pits. See The Summoning Pits/Walkthrough.
"Something dark stirs in the depths of the Hellmouth. We can feel it. A Hive abomination bred for unthinkable evil. We must pierce the veil of their Summoning Pits and destroy this creature...before the Hive unleash it upon us all."
Ikora Rey

The Summoning Pits is a Level 12 Strike located on the Moon, deep within the Hellmouth. The fireteam's objective is to kill the enormous Ogre named Phogoth, the Untamed.[1]

In the Rise of Iron expansion the strike was revamped, now named The Abomination Heist. Mongrel Ogre's Grasps, Legendary Hunter gauntlets, can sometimes drop as a strike-specific reward for completing it.


  • Enter Hive Fortress
  • Approach the Gate
  • Open the Gate
  • Repel the Hive
  • Find the Summoning Pits
  • Enter the Summoning Pits
  • Defeat Phogoth/the Hive Abomination


{Loading screen}

  • Ikora Rey: Something dark stirs in the depths of the Hellmouth; we can feel it. A Hive abomination bred for unthinkable evil. We must pierce the veil of their Summoning Pits, and destroy this creature before the Hive unleash it upon us all.

The team of Guardians land outside the Hellmouth.

  • Ghost: Well, this was your idea. Let's go find this abomination.

The Guardians traverse through the entrance to the Hellmouth, and into the Gatehouse.

  • Ghost: There's no telling how far down we'll have to go to find the Summoning Pits.

After fighting their way through battling Hive and Fallen, they come upon a sanctum with a locked door.

  • Ghost: We need to get through. I'll try to open that gate.

One of the Guardians sends their Ghost to crack the multiple locks.

  • Ghost: A triptych of Hive runes...said to be uncrackable...

Several doors open, and Hive Thrall come pouring out.

  • Ghost: They know we're here—I'll get to work!

The Guardians fight off more Thrall and a few Knights.

  • Ghost: It's reconfiguring...hang tight.

Hive Acolytes and Wizards appear, and the Guardians eliminate them.

  • Ghost: I'm starting to sense a pattern! Shouldn't be long.

The Guardians defend against Cursed Thrall, Knights and Wizards, including Mormu, Xol Spawn. They are all eliminated as the Ghost finishes its work.

  • Ghost: Got it. The gate's opening.

The Guardians travel further downwards, into the Circle of Bones.

  • Ghost: Sounds like we're getting closer.

A deafening roar shakes the entire cave, shaking loose some rocks and stalactites. The Guardians press on, eventually finding the Summoning Pits. Another roar rumbles throughout the cave system, and a door opens, revealing Phogoth, the Untamed. It stands in the middle of a large arena-sized room, four chains holding it down in the center as it screams in anger.

  • Ghost: Well, at least it's chained up.

Moments later, the abomination breaks loose of its chains and attacks the Guardians. They eventually defeat him.

  • Ghost: Finally. The abomination has been destroyed. The Vanguard will be grateful.
  • Ikora Rey: A creature of the Dark has been slain, and our worlds spared another atrocity. But how many more Hive abominations are still out there? Growing among the Darkness? I fear we may find out all too soon.

{Mission ends}




There is a variant of this strike that is only available for the exotic weapon bounty A Light in the Dark. To complete the bounty, the players must defeat a wizard named Xyor, the Unwed, who only appears on the last wave of reinforcements if Phogoth is still alive.[1]

After the release of Rise of Iron, Phogoth was replaced by the Hive Abomination.


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