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The House of Gray is a House of the Fallen, distinguishable by their tarnished silver armors and obvious, but torn Gray cloaks; they were once the enemies of the House of Lions.



"“House Gray” was never of a House, for you see, they were only just remnants of a long forgotten House, before Whirlwind struck, named “House Sky” and their Banners was raised high as their moniker."
— A blurb from the "Monseek'ir Gray"

The House of Gray was originally a Fallen House, known as: the House of Sky, who went into war against the House of Lions. They would later lose and would collapse, until a former member of the Lions, known as Tikmiks would combine the Sky Remnants and Fallen who were cast out from their Houses, to form the House of Gray, built on pain and revenge, against the Lions and those who faltered the House of Sky.

Recent Events[edit]

Gray's Return[edit]

{Note: Will rework on this} The Lions did not notice the rise of this new House, until the Taken War, when the Gray began pillaging abandoned Fallen Lairs. The House of Lions would send a signal to Variks, The Loyal, which would be sent to The Guardian to helping them, the Guardian accepted their offer, hunting down the Gray over Mars, Found Tikmiks Rallying the Remnants of Wolves into joining them, despite of this. Tikmiks' rally was put down by the Guardian capturing Tikmiks and sent him into the Kell's Dungeon, with the House of Gray on loose, Joskaa opened up the Kell's Wrath. Joskaa began proving Bounties against the House of Gray, with the help of the Guardians putting down most of Gray.

With the Capture of Tikmiks, his Archon Servants began pulling strings over Gray. For Control, they captured Skarr, a fallen Bounty Hunter, and Brainwashed him, into becoming a their Kell. when the Lions found about this They made a Guardian strike against the mad Kell. While on Venus the Guardians found Skarr leading a group of fallen, with the oppuntunity, they killed the kell.

To replace their Lost Leaders they Built Raniks Reborn, a Prime Servitor, When Hearing about this. The House of Lions Led an assault in Hong Kong, with the help the Guardian they head into the Lair and Destroyed the Prime Servitor.

With the Gray in ruins, the House of Lions led an Assault on Mars. With the death of Gray's Generals, the destruction of a Gray ketch and the breaking of the House of Gray. the House of Lions pinned them down, however, intead of destroying them, Joskaa forcing them to surrender and bow to him as their Kell, despite their resilience, they however surrendered, and Divhoris, the Knowledge-Keeper, a House of Judgment Scribe crowned Joskaa, as the new Kell of Gray.

Rebelling against the Lions[edit]

Despite of the House of Gray's surrendering the Lions and later living on one of the asteroids that the Lions controlled, their were some that rebelled against them. Tikmiks, the Archon Priest for the Gray that was captured ordered a duel against The Guardian in the Kell's Arena in hopes of Freedom, however he was defeated and executed.

But was most notably was when some House of Gray members left the House, and joined The Jackal Syndicate, a Fallen group led by Seriviks, Kell of this organization and a former House of Lions Archon. However, they were found and destroyed by the House of Lions, the House of Gray were again more splintered and humiliated, because of this effect.

In a Frail State[edit]

""That being said, The reports on the battlefield on Deimos is very intriguing, but the repeating intel has confirmed one outcome: House of Lions being victorious, thanks to their Guardian assets on battle. As after the other's defeat, many Gray members has knelt before the Lion banner. A blurb of House Judgment data sees as a success. More to follow.""
— Crow report

It is implied that most, if not all of the surviving House Gray members either surrendered to the House of Lions, joined other Factions, such as the Jackal Syndicate, the House of Emperors, and the House of Dusk, or were destroyed. But, it has been noted that the Lion Kell, Joskaa, is currently trying to rebuild the House of Gray, as he attempt remove the House's horrible past and return them back to the House of Sky, pre-whirlwind.

Season of Gray[edit]

"I was once of House Sky, then House Salvation, now I am back where I belong, Gray will rise once again, this time not under a false Kell."
— Zavriks, Gray's Rebellion

The House of Gray would return in the Season of Gray, Fractured into two, thanks to the arrival of Zavriks, a former House Sky Baron and a former helper within the House of Gray during the era of Tikmiks. Zavriks would attempt to weed out any rebellious Fallen and call them for his cause. This side would be called: "Gray Traditionalists", or "Gray Loyalists," while those who were still loyal to Joskaa would be seen as "Gray Reformists", who wanted the House to be reformed into the old House of Sky. This would cause a major stalemate to the House, to see who would come out as the true fate of the House.

To gain further support from the traditionalists, Zavriks would build a new Prime for Gray known as Volniks Prime and a new god for Gray to worship. His bid for power would bring in new commanders into the House of Gray, one of these individuals would be known as Skeldiks, Slayer a Fallen mercenary known for killing Vex, Hive and Cabal alike.


The Swordsman's Arrival[edit]

(To Be Determined)


"House of Gray wasn’t a House, it was just a small band of Fallen that attempted to kill us as vengeance for the death of their Past Lives."
— Joskaa

The House of Gray are seen to be a very small House, being made up by remnants of the House of Sky, they seem to try to have some type of grip of power over Broken or demoralized houses, since they tried to control Remnants of Wolves, and getting Leaders from other House to become Members of their house, since they were able to have a Archon and even a Prime Servitor in their arsenal.

They later fell to the House of Lions. they are the second house to go into submission of another House, the first was the House of Winter, as they surrender to the House of Wolves.

In D2, this timed titled: "Gray Traditionalists". their appearance would change dramatically, where their units bear the same style as the survivalists of the House of Dusk, their Servitors kitbashed poorly in a style to that of the House of Salvation, with some Heavy Shanks and Walkers. Showing to be out of their league, but are very resilient and rebellious to stay alive and compete against the House of Lions once more.



Notable Members[edit]

Gray Traditionalists[edit]

Unique Forces[edit]


  • The House of Gray's Banner, is seems to be similar to the House of Kings' banner. This could indicate the Gray being a polar opposite of the Kings, In that, while the Kings are strong, powerful, and cunning House, While the House of Gray, are only just a weak, and small House.
    • Although, their banner would change during Destiny 2, as the Traditionalists would use the insignia from the Mark of a Kellslayer, but can also be seen using a few Dusk symbols and the normal Fallen insignia.


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