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Häkke is a weapon foundry of the Last City.[1] Häkke weapons feature hexagonal designs and tan surfaces with orange stripes. Häkke weapons are simple, reliable, and focus on offense. Perks are unlocked first, with stat modifiers as the last upgrades.[2] They are frequently high impact, low rate of fire Kinetic weapons that have better accuracy and recoil when they are aimed and stationary, in sharp contrast to the high-mobility weapons of VEIST. Hakke weapons are typically named after a famous ruler or warrior followed by a letter (i.e. Galahad-E). Häkke weapons are one of three foundries featured in Armsday. They make Auto Rifles, Pulse Rifles, Hand Cannons, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, and Sidearms.

As of the Red War, Häkke had extended its arsenal and products towards target-tracking rocket launchers, scout rifles, submachine guns, grenade launchers and Sparrows[3].

Design Philosophy[edit]

  • Hammers, not scalpels
  • Relatable design harkening back to a lost era
  • Häkke is not about exciting form, it is about exciting function
  • A weapon’s weapon
  • Häkke is the instrument of the people


Destiny 1[edit]

Destiny 2[edit]


  • According to Bungie, Häkke is officially pronounced "Ha-kuh", though Cayde-6 will pronounce it as "Ha-kay" during Cayde's Stash. Also, sometimes a random female npc over near Ikora and the ramen shop will sometimes pronounce it as "Ha-kay" when saying, "Have the new Häkke models come in yet?"
  • Häkke weapons bear a close resemblance to modern-day weaponry, as part of their emphasis on function over form.


List of appearances[edit]


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