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Fractured Souls


Become the reigning sovereign of the Solar System
Serve Zha'lusk
Pry their Taken peers from the hands of Savathûn
Seek the powers of the Darkness and weaponize Stasis

At war with:

The City
The Reef

Average height:


Average weight:



Grayish-Blue Tint to their bodies
Rigid, icy armor covering their bodies and splintering off them
More spastic thrashing and twitching

Average lifespan:


Notable individuals:

Zha'lusk, the Fractured Usurper
Atrophos, the Eternal Hatred
Kronoth, Prince of Despair
Zaviraks, Despoiler of Nothingness
Kavizkaa, Delirium of the Fractured Usurper
Malixx, Vector of the Acausal Scourge
Gha'rhurk, Dominion of the Fractured Usurper
Thodron, Shadow of the Eternal Hatred
Ir Khatâru, Songstress of Damnation
Torgeth, the Unfelled Guardian
Xotech, Ruiner of Shadowed Hope

Other names:

Children of the Rightful Heir
Stasis Taken


"[Abominations], the lot of them. Waylaid souls seeking to [satisfy] their dead king. A scourge that guts me of power and unrelentingly seeks to smother your light. I guess you and I now share a common, [foul] enemy. But I gift you the luxury of [banishing] them yourself. Revel in that."

The Fractured Souls are a rogue, independent faction of twisted, Stasis empowered Taken that serve the former Cabal Primus, Zha'lusk. Armed with a singular purpose, to continue the legacy of Oryx and free their blackened peers from the hands of Savathûn, the Fractured initiated their all-out warpath with the newfound, weaponized Stasis abilities they stole from the Darkness, rapidly spreading their frigid, tainted influence across the Solar System.


Notable Members[edit]

Fractured Leadership[edit]

Fractured Lieutenants[edit]

Taken Fallen[edit]

Taken Hive[edit]

Taken Vex[edit]

Taken Cabal[edit]

Powerful Machinations[edit]

Command Structure[edit]

Taken Fallen[edit]

Taken Scorn[edit]

  • Taken Ravager
    • Fractured Ravager
  • Taken Ripper
    • Fractured Ripper
  • Taken Stalker
    • Fractured Stalker
  • Taken Lurker
    • Fractured Lurker
  • Taken Raider
    • Fractured Raider
  • Taken Wraith
    • Fractured Wraith
  • Taken Chieftain
    • Fractured Chieftain
    • Taken Chosen
      • Fractured Chosen
  • Taken Desolator
    • Fractured Desolator
  • Taken Alchemist
    • Fractured Alchemist
  • Taken Abomination
    • Fractured Abomination
    • Taken Desecrator
      • Fractured Desecrator

Taken Hive[edit]

Taken Vex[edit]

Taken Cabal[edit]

Other Enemies[edit]

  • Shadow Thrall
    • Frostbit Shadow
  • Shadowbeast
    • Frostbit Hound
  • Acolyte's Eye
    • Piercing Gaze
    • Beholding Contagion
      • Taint of the Witness
  • Constructs
    • Tendrils
      • Stinger Tendril
        • Fractured Stinger
      • Slinger Tendril
        • Fractured Slinger
      • Grabber Tendril
        • Fractured Grabber
    • Golem
      • Golem Pursuer
        • Golem Reaver
      • Golem Demolisher
        • Golem Desolator
      • Golem Skycarver
        • Golem Deathwing
      • Golem Earthsplitter
        • Golem Stonebleeder
      • Golem Annihilator
        • Golem Obliterator