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Black Reapers


Field Scientists and Weapons Development


Primus Drakhal
Valus Sarbuk
Val Merusk, the Tactician
Bracus Terbask
Bru'ourg, Bloodguard Evocatus
Azelerax, the Omniscient


Firebase Hades
Firebase Echo
Excavation Site VII
Ares Tower
Fleetbase Bellona


Fields of Glass, Mercury
European Dead Zone, Earth
Hellas Basin, Mars
Fleetbase Bellona, Phobos
Echo Mesa, Io
The Rig, Titan (Little Influence)


The Black Reapers are an elite sub-group of the Red Legion who's tasked with military and logistical intelligence as well as weapons development. Though their presence in the Red War was minimal, they contributed to the Red Legion to the best of their ability. After the neutralization of the Dragon's Breath Order, the former friend of Dominus Ghaul, Primus Drakhal took the role of Dominus.


Notable Members[edit]

Command Structure[edit]

  • War Beast-Basic War Beast variant. Can Strafe roll to avoid oncoming gunfire.
    • Decorated War Beast-Major variant of the War Beast covered in Metal Armor, which can be shot off by gunfire. Can charge enemies to knock back and disorient them. Some will explode with Solar energy due to a built in explosive device.
    • Elder War Beast-"Ultra" variant of the War Beast covered in a thick, chitinous armor with purple boils doting the body. As tall as a Guardian (excluding the tall, wiry spikes on their back), they deal high melee damage from all angles (Claw Swipe and Spiked Tail). Can charge roll to ram into enemies and disorient and apply the "Bleed" effect. Can spit a spike out to pin an enemy to a surface and "vomit" a corrosive Void bile for closer range. Highly resilient to any damage, but their critical spots can be found on the purple boils.
  • Retiarius-Psion variant armed with a Severus Cleaver and a Solar Net, which can be tossed at an enemy, which impairs movement and burns the target. The Net dissipates when the target is killed or is diminished by gunfire. The Retiarius is known for it's agility, with the ability to strafe and dodge roll. They also can toss a Solar "Grenade" that exudes flames in the air and violently detonates upon impact with a surface.
    • Decorated Retiarius
  • Psion
    • Decorated Psion
  • Infiltrator
    • Decorated Infiltrator
  • Murmillo
    • Decorated Murmillo
  • Legionary
    • Decorated Legionary
  • Phalanx
    • Decorated Phalanx
  • Incendior
    • Decorated Incendior
  • Gladiator
    • Decorated Gladiator
  • Machinist
    • Decorated Machinist
  • Centurion
    • Decorated Centurion
  • Pyrotechnic-Cabal specialists armed with the Scorch Canister Launcher and can place a Volcanic Scorpius. Immune to all sorts of damage except for the Magma pack on it's back. Exerts a Heat Wave if enemies get too close, which burns them and launches them away.
    • Decorated Pyrotechnic-Major/Ultra variant of the Pyrotechnic which can now place a Dome Shield which protect allies while allowing them to shoot through it and burns any enemies who walk through the Shield. Can now place the Decorated Volcanic Scorpius and launches Napalm Missiles.
  • Warmonger
    • Decorated Warmonger
  • Colossus
    • Decorated Colossus
    • Reaper Juggernaut-Ultra variant of the Colossus armed with a larger, more powerful variant of the Missile Launcher, which launches Solar Missiles at a rapid rate of fire. Can easily navigate the battlefield with an overhauled Thrustpack and Quake can be fatal to low power Guardians. Immune to all damage unless the shield generator on it's back is destroyed. Only seen in the Ares Tower Raid.



  • Severus Cleaver
  • Slug Rifle
  • Slug Shotgun
  • Energy Shield
  • Slug Carbine
  • Headhunter Rifle
  • Suppression Rifle
  • Slug Cannon
  • Magma Launcher
  • Projection Rifle
  • Bronto Cannon
  • Scorch Canister Launcher
  • Warlord Shield
  • Heavy Slug Thrower
  • Slug Launcher
  • Scorpio
    • Decorated Scorpio
  • Accipiter
    • Decorated Accipiter
  • Taurus
    • Decorated Taurus


  • Heavy Slug Turrets
  • Golem
    • Inferno Golem
    • Abyssal Golem
    • Shockwave Golem
  • Reaper Thresher
    • Decorated Reaper Thresher
  • Reaper Goliath
    • Decorated Reaper Goliath
  • Reaper Harvester
  • Reaper Phaeton