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Collective Configurative


Claim the Sol System and create Machine Worlds

Axis Minds:

Chronos, the Collective Mind
Kampê, the Hezen Mind
Proteus, the Virgo Mind
Erinyes, the Aphix Mind


The Tartarus
Collective Realm



Notable Individuals[edit]

Collective Minds[edit]

Tartarus Lost[edit]

Conflux Minds[edit]

Other Leadership[edit]

Unique Forces[edit]

  • Siren-Vex units armed with Timestream Chisels and extreme agility. They function as Frontline troops and serve as disciples to the Weavers.
  • Chimaera-Large, heavily armored Vex units armed with a Solar weapon (Slap Rifle, Line Rifle or Phase Rifle), an Arc Wrist Gauntlet and Star Shapers. They function as Mortars and Conversion proxies.
  • Nymph-Vex units which can slowly heal allies within it's vicinity (Doesn't apply to Ultras). They serve as the "Mechanics" of the Vex.
  • Satyr-Vex units akin to Minotaurs. They carry no shield but can place Blank Mines. They function as Guardsmen of major Vex structures and strongholds.
  • Crocotta-Various powerful Vex units who utilize enemy abilities. They function as proxies to simulations such as the Infinite Forest.
    • Task Crocotta-Crocotta armed with 2 weapons. Some pack Cloaking abilities.
    • Servitude Crocotta-Harpy-like units which disperses an empowerment aura to other units. Armed with an Aeon Maul.
    • Paladin Crocotta-The most agressive Vex unit of the Crocotta family. Summons a destructible shield for allies.
    • Mage Crocotta-Shielded Crocotta which can temporarily hover and "resurrect" killed enemies into Shades. Fires off Torch Hammers.
      • Shade-Simulated enemies summoned by Mage Crocottas through fallen enemies. Doesn't apply to Taken or Guardians.
    • Brute Crocotta-Largest, and the most resilient of the Crocotta family. Fires the Chronology Rifle.
    • Warden Crocotta-Crocotta whom wields a shield. Crouches down to emplace to increase accuracy and damage.
    • Tactical Crocotta-Smallest of the Crocotta family. Rolls out a tracking bolt of Arc energy which kicks enemies back.
    • Sentry Crocotta
      • Archival Sentry-Armed with a Void Shield, and flings a high damage Void bomb. Only Sentry to teleport.
      • Stalker Sentry-Armed with a Solar shield and fires a high-damage 3-round burst of Solar rounds. Rolls for extra mobility and deal damage.
      • Crusher Sentry-Armed with an Arc shield and slams the ground for high Arc damage. Can Shield allies with an Arc shield.
  • Orthrus-Large Vex "tank" armed with a Slap Rifle, Torch Hammer grenades, Epoch Shredders, and a Prime Cannon. They serve as monitors and mobile artillery.
    • Cerberus-Ultra version of the Orthrus.
  • Roc-Vex "gunship" used as a proxy for assault or conversion. Armed with an Arc Slap Rifle, faster Aeon Mauls, and drops Solar "bombs". Weak-point found on it's eye and wings.

Command Structure[edit]

  • Fanatic
    • Collective Fanatic
  • Harpy
    • Collective Harpy
  • Goblin
    • Collective Goblin
    • Librarian
  • Siren
    • Collective Siren
  • Hobgoblin
    • Collective Hobgoblin
    • Scholar
  • Nymph
    • Collective Nymph
  • Minotaur
    • Collective Minotaur
  • Satyr
    • Collective Satyr
  • Crocotta
    • Collective Crocotta
  • Chimaera
    • Collective Chimaera
  • Cyclops
    • Collective Cyclops
  • Orthrus
    • Collective Orthrus
    • Cerberus
  • Roc
  • Hydra
    • Collective Hydra


  • Aeon Rippers-Alternative Hydra Weapon that fires Void rounds at a high rate of fire.
  • Rend Cannon-Arc weapon that fires a spread of 4 arcing Arc rounds. Upon impact with a horizontal surface, the rounds slide and increase their "Hit box". They will continue sliding until they either hit their target or hit a barrier of any kind.
  • Phase Rifle-Solar shotgun which fires 6 rounds within each burst. Bolts are fired in a 4-round burst. Rounds will fragment if in close proximity to a target.
  • Prime Cannon-Arc Cannon which fires an arcing explosive flechette which creates a detain barrier at the impact site. Only seen on Orthrus and Cerberus units.
  • Timestream Chisel-Arc melee weapon used only by Sirens.
  • Epoch Shredders-Special version of Timestream Chisel used by Proteus, the Virgo Mind, and Orthrus units.
  • Star Shapers-High-impact Void mortar only carried by Chimaeras.
  • Blank Mines-Act similarly to Web Mines. Target is detained within the mine. Can be found on missions or placed by Satyrs.