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North American Empire


Anarchist Paramilitary Force


Eliminate all authority

Other names:



Battle for the Consensus
Battle of the Wild


Russell, the Juggernaut
Wilson, the Paladin
Blackburn, the Distorter
Cass, the Bender
Theola, the Roamer
Cyrus, the Watcher

Notable information:

Overthrew the Consensus


Lightbreakers are a faction of rogue, anarchistic Guardians who seek to rid the universe of all authority. They conduct raiding parties to overthrow entire ruling bodies, which they believe is a form of liberation.

Unique Forces[edit]

All Lightbreaker soldiers are infinitely empowered by corrupted Light and thus always have their Supers active, thus granting them overshields respective to the element of the abilities they are wielding.

Scouting Division[edit]

  • Lightbreaker Arcstrider: Armed with an Arc Staff that they use to slash opponents at close range, slam the ground from above, and unleash medium range Arc beams that inflict a short shocking effect. Capable of continuously dodging gunfire and can throw Skip Grenades which create seekers that aggressively track their targets.
  • Lightbreaker Gunslinger: Armed with a Solar Golden Gun that has two separate firing modes: a long-range charged sniper shot and a close range barrage. The charged shot inflicts very high damage per shot and can inflict a burning effect, whereas the barrage has a fast fire rate but inconsistent shot spread. Can throw Explosive Knives and deploy Tripmine Grenades. Capable of performing a combat roll towards Guardians to grab them and cut them open with their knife.
  • Lightbreaker Nightstalker: Armed with a Shadowshot bow that fires Void arrows which tethers their targets in place while slowing them down and suppressing their abilities. Can throw Vortex Grenades and deploy Smoke Bombs that poison their targets and blacken their vision for a short time as well as use powder to turn them invisible at will, allowing them to perform stealth attacks with their knife. Capable of performing a Shadow Dash to vanish while moving through their victim to flank them.
  • Lightbreaker Waverider: Armed with a Hydro Katana which unleashes short beams of water that envelop their targets in water jets, rushing them along the ground into greater danger. Can throw Rainfall Grenades that release a series of heavy water droplets that slow their victims. Capable of performing a Geyser Jump to carry them to great heights as well as a Wave Dash to quickly move along the ground.
  • Lightbreaker Earthrover: Armed with a Stone Chain Whip that can strike from long distances and constrict Guardians to death. Capable of using the whip to perform a spin attack to cut their victims with sharp stony edges. Can throw Rockedge Grenades that unleash a small area of pointy rocks that inflict a short bleeding effect. Frequently spins circles around their target to disorient them.
  • Lightbreaker Frosthunter: Armed with a Frost Javelin that can be thrown to impale targets to the ground or used as a stabbing weapon that will inflict a freezing effect which will dramatically slow movements and weapon handling for a short time. Can throw Freezetrap Grenades to ensnare Guardians in a web of ice shards. Capable of skating across the ground to move faster and jump around and over their targets.
  • Lightbreaker Virus: Armed with a Decay Dartgun that rapidly fires poisonous darts that drain health, slow movements, and cause a blackout effect as well as a Decay Dagger that poisons and disorients its victims. Capable of performing a Plague Dash to teleport to another location, leaving behind a poison cloud. Can throw Neurospine Grenades that cause their targets to perform different actions than intended.

Manipulator Division[edit]

  • Lightbreaker Dawnblade: Have the ability of flight. Armed with a Daybreak Sword that can unleash flaming projectiles that arc and inflict a burning effect upon impact as well as slammed down from above to release a line of flames. Can throw Solar Grenades that rapidly burn away at shields and health.
  • Lightbreaker Voidwalker: Can fire Void magic blasts from the palms of their hands. Will occasionally charge up and launch a Cataclysm Nova Bomb, a large Void sphere which seeks out enemies and detonates into smaller seeker projectiles, while leaving behind a giant Vortex that will continually damage enemies trapped inside. Will deploy enhanced Scatter Grenades whose submunitions have a larger blast radius. Capable of casting Blink to teleport short distances.
  • Lightbreaker Stormcaller: Locked in a permanent state of Stormtrance, casting chain lightning to nearby enemies. Can occasionally throw Storm and Arcbolt Grenades that will cover a larger area. Capable of casting Blink to teleport short distances. Will summon a Landfall thunderbolt on a random target to slow them down and remove their shields. Assisted by an Arc Soul.
  • Lightbreaker Hydromancer: Armed with a Tide Blade that will summon waves of water that will push Guardians upward to have them fall to their death. Capable of summoning Hydrojets that will knock their targets around. Can throw Tide Bombs that will summon small pools which limit mobility.
  • Lightbreaker Petrifier: Can use magic to uproot rocks from the ground and hurl them at Guardians endlessly; rocks shatter to create spiky traps. Can occasionally throw Rockflow Grenades that detonate in rocks that roll towards Guardians to knock them around. Armed with a Petrifier Staff that will freeze someone into solid stone for a short time. Has an enhanced Palm melee attack that causes significant knockback.
  • Lightbreaker Cryomancer: Armed with a Frost Scythe that performs sweeping strikes which can inflict a frostbite effect, dramatically slowing movements and weakening Guardians' armor. Can conjure an Icestorm that will unleash a hailstorm that will cause significant sustained damage. Can cast the solid ground into ice, causing Guardians to skid out of control.
  • Lightbreaker Plaguemancer: Armed with a Decay Scythe which can fire poison waves or cause a blackout effect with its sweeping strike. Leaves behind gas clouds which temporarily disable recovery. Can cast an infection on the entire floor that slows, poisons, and disorients its victims for a short time. Has an enhanced Palm attack that completely disables mobility for 10 seconds.

Mighty Glacier Division[edit]

  • Lightbreaker Sentinel: Armed with a Sentinel Shield that can bash enemies, block its wielder from harm, and be thrown as a projectiles that tracks its targets for a short time; it slows its target down on impact and becomes a Ward of Dawn if it doesn't find a target. Ward of Dawn permanently increases the health of all Lightbreakers who walk through it. Can throw Suppressor Grenades to completely shut down the use of abilities.
  • Lightbreaker Striker: Permanently in a state of Fist of Havoc. Capable of unleashing high-damage uppercuts and slamming the ground for an instant kill as well as leaving behind a damage-dealing field in its wake. Can occasionally use a Seismic Strike to send themselves charging forward shoulder first to ram their targets, causing significant knockback and a shocking effect. Throws Flashbang Grenades to blind their targets.
  • Lightbreaker Sunbreaker: Armed with a Hammer of Sol that can be thrown to create flaming Sunspots upon detonation or used as a melee weapon at close range to knock Guardians back and inflict them with a burning effect. Capable of charging towards their target to perform a Hammer Strike, which releases explosive, incendiary molten embers and weaken Guardians' armor. Can throw Thermite Grenades that send out lines of fire upon detonation.
  • Lightbreaker Poseidon: Armed with a Tsunami Trident that can conjure a large wave of water that will plummet Guardians below the ground's surface and completely crush them as well as perform a series of close range jabs and a shockwave. Can throw a Whirlpool Grenade that leaves a whirlpool upon detonation which sucks Guardians in and attempts to drown them for a short time. Can punch the ground to create Geysers.
  • Lightbreaker Stonemaster: Armed with a Stone Mallet that can conjure Earthquakes to split the ground apart and have Guardians fall to their death. Can throw Avalanche Grenades that summons a large mass of rocks upon detonation to fall on top of the Guardian and crush them to death. Capable of punching the ground to summon shockwaves.
  • Lightbreaker Icebaron: Armed with Frost Gauntlets that can conjure ice waves that freeze targets in place for a short time. Upon a melee strike, hypothermia is inflicted, completely halting movement and reducing weapon handling speed and fire rate. Can punch the ground to summon Ice Geysers that send Guardians flying upwards and slowing their movements.
  • Lightbreaker Leech: Armed with a Decay Machine Cannon that rapidly fires toxic mortar blasts, leaving behind poison clouds that can disorient their victims and suppress their abilities. Any damage dealt by them increases their speed, health, and damage output. Can punch the ground to summon a wave of corrosive fumes that disable mobility, recovery, and resilience for a short time.