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Russell, the Juggernaut
Biographical information






Juggernaut Champion
Lightbreaker General





Combat information


Consensus Reformation


Scathing Discharge
Hammer of Sol
Stone Mallet
Decay Machine Cannon
Antimatter Bomb


Initial Immunity
Bullet Deflection
Entrapped Light
Wall of the Void
Solar Blast Flare
Sunspot of Sol
Burning Effect
Sol Hammer Strike
Molten Embers
Sundered Debuff
Thermite Grenade
Splitting Earthquake
Avalanche Grenade
Seismic Shockwave
Poison Effect
Disoriented Debuff
Suppression Debuff
Link of the Leech
Corrosive Fume Quake
Disabled Debuff
Corrosion Debuff
Titan Strafe Lift
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Summon Titans


Russell, the Juggernaut is the general and head Juggernaut of the Lightbreakers, and one of the leaders of their Mighty Glacier Division alongside his son Wilson, the Paladin. He is also the older brother of Theola, the Roamer and the tutor of Cass, the Bender.



Russell's preferred weapon of choice is Scathing Discharge, a shoulder-fired flak cannon that rapidly fires miniature seeking warheads. For closer ranges, he can use his Hammer of Sol as a projectile that leaves flaming Sunspots upon detonation, a swinging weapon that knocks Guardians back and burns them, or a ramming weapon that releases explosive molten embers that sunder their targets' armor upon detonation. Every 30 seconds, Russell will reveal a Stone Mallet that can conjure earthquakes which cause Guardians to fall to their death. He will aggressive chase the player with this weapon for 15 seconds at a time. When his health reaches 70%, Russell's Scathing Discharge will transform into a Decay Machine Cannon, which fires toxic mortar blasts that leave gas clouds upon detonation, thereby poisoning, disorienting and suppressing its victim.


Russell has two default abilities: Wall of the Void and Solar Blast Flare. His Wall fully protects the front of his body, and it cannot be shot down. While this wall is up, he will charge his Blast Flare, a gigantic fireball which has an extremely wide blast radius; this flare is always an instant kill unless out of range. Russell can also throw Thermite Grenades as well as Avalanche Grenades: the former releases a line of fire upon detonation, while the latter summons an avalanche of rocks that will drop down on Guardians, crushing them to death. At extremely close ranges, he will punch the ground and summon a seismic shockwave that will force Guardians backward. When his health reaches 70%, Russell will be able to inflict a debuff on one Guardian at random where his speed, damage resistance, and damage output are increased for any damage he deals, which will inflict the adverse effects on the Guardian: slowness, weakness, and damage reduction; he will also be able to punch the ground to release a quake of corrosive fumes that eat away at a Guardians' health as well as completely disabling mobility, recovery, and resilience.

Final Stand[edit]

Russell will initially be vulnerable to damage until his health reaches 85%, where an immunity shield will surround him and deflect any shots directed at him. The room is littered with Light-powered bear traps. Stepping on or over them will trigger them to close. Triggering these traps will release a spark of Light that must be picked up and put in the closest neighboring trap. If a spark is placed in the wrong sequence, then Russell will activate a moving wall of spikes that will crush all Guardians to death if not shut down quickly enough. After all the sparks are placed in the right order, Russell will charge up an antimatter bomb that will instantly destroy the entire team if it is not stopped. The empowered traps must be thrown directly at him to break down his shield. Once his shield drops, he is vulnerable to damage for 45 seconds.